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In case you are looking for tips for finding quality last-minute movers, you are definitely in the perfect place! Our team of experts has just finished writing the perfect guide for you! Moreover, knowing how to find the best possible movers in a short time period is really important. Since you have decided to go with professional movers, it is important to know which ones to “go with”. Thus, making a list of moving companies and choosing the best one might be a good idea. Also, since you are short on time, you could do a few things to help out with your relocation as well. However, we will talk a bit more about that later! For now, feel free to relax, take a cup of coffee, and enjoy our guide!

Tips for finding quality last-minute movers – Best things to do

Not knowing which moving company to choose can delay the moving process severely. Thus, finding out the best moving company in a short period of time is very important. Here is what you can do to make the decision better and faster:

  • Make a comparison between moving companies. A good idea would be to read moving reviews for a couple of moving companies that you know or that someone else recommended. Then, you should list those moving companies on a piece of paper and make it “a competition” based on the moving reviews. What you should do is to create special categories for the moving companies in question. For example, write that Golan’s Moving & Storage is a reliable moving company and give them a certain rating based on the reviews. Then compare it with other moving companies you have chosen.
  • Decide on two “top” moving companies. If you have a wide choice, you should narrow it to two and choose the best one out of those two. This will help you save time and it will also help you choose the best moving company for the job. This way, you will not be reading hundreds of moving reviews of other moving companies, but you will focus on the two of the best ones. Keep in mind that moving rates might vary, so feel free to add this into account as well.
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Hiring the best moving company is really important for your move

Some things to keep in mind

So, once you have chosen the best moving company for the job, you should start organizing the packing process. A good idea would be to make a good packing plan before you do anything. By this we mean that you should make a separate checklist for your items. In there, you should put all of your belongings which might either be difficult to move or would require some special services. For example, if you have a piano in your home/apartment, you cannot move it on your own. Instead, you should contact some piano movers to relocate it for you. This is important if you are moving on short notice because you will save a lot of time in doing so.

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Never hesitate to call a moving company if you need help relocating

Yet another good thing you should do would be to visit Amazon and to purchase everything you need from there in terms of packing supplies and materials. However, make sure that you are purchasing only the highest quality supplies for your relocation. They will help you a lot with your packing process. Moreover, if you have delicate items, clothing, or paintings and musical instruments, make sure to pack them all in specialized packing boxes. You cannot “just put them” into a cardboard box – it will never work! Thus, make sure that they are protected at all times during your relocation.

Tips for finding quality last-minute movers – A few ideas

There are several good ideas when it comes to finding quality last-minute movers. For example, you could:

  • Make sure your moving company will be able to do the job. Asking and double-checking is the key to success when this is concerned. Since this is a last-minute move, you should ask your moving company if they would be able to prepare well for your relocation. Moreover, you should make sure that they will arrive at all. Thus, choosing the best moving company and knowing that such moving company will have enough time for your move is the key. Remember the checklist you have made when choosing moving companies? It might come in handy if the moving company of your choice cannot make it.
  • Ask around and inform yourself. A good idea might be to ask your friends and family to help you out with this one. Chances are that some of them have moved and that they have moved recently, at that. Thus, you can always rely on the help of the moving company they hired. The location of the move is important as well. For example, you should try to find the best long-distance movers Chicago offers if you are moving there. The same goes for any other place, really. Thus, you should ask people either from the are you are from or from your future destination.

Additional information

Once you have found your desired moving company, you should be thinking about getting additional storage space. Chances are that you will need it for your move to Chicago. For example, there are many ways you can use your storage space – both pre-move and post-move. You can use it to store your bigger items in there so that you won’t have to deal with them on your moving day. Moreover, you can even pre-move half of your belongings to your storage the day before your move, if you are close enough. That way, you won’t have to worry about handling half of your items on your moving day. Storage can be really useful, just make sure that you maximize its potential!

Tips for finding quality last-minute movers – conclusion

In the end, finding quality last-minute movers is not hard if you know what you are doing. Moreover, if you plan and prepare accordingly, you can complete your move in no time, basically! We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading our guide. Good luck with your move!

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