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Everyone knows that moving is not a cheap process. Chicago movers’ cost can often skyrocket and you will scurry trying to find cheaper options. However, did you know that there are many ways of earning relocation discounts? Yes, moving with a reliable company like Golan’s Moving & Storage will help quite a bit – but you might be able to save even more money with some of these moving secrets!

Try to move in the off-season

One of the best ways in which you can score an affordable move is to do it in the off-season. It’s all about supply and demand, really! In the off-season, there aren’t many people moving. Due to this, a good Chicago moving and storage company will negotiate and lower the moving costs for you!

winter in a city
Moving during winter means you will pay less.

So, if you are moving anywhere from October to March, then you should not feel scared to negotiate! Instead, use the horrible, colder weather to your advantage towards earning relocation discounts! Of course, the prices will vary from place to place, but you should still be able to score some affordable moving services.

It’s also smart to look into moving during weekdays. The reasons are the same – people usually move over the weekend, so this is an “off-season” in the smallest variety.

Various memberships can help you with earning relocation discounts

The second thing that’s worth examining is various memberships you might have. You might think that your club only does one thing – but they often have various perks which might include earning relocation discounts. AAA, for example, is not only useful for when your car breaks down. Did you know that you can score some moving discounts with them, too? The members can get from 12% to 52% on truck rentals with certain companies, while others can offer free full-value protection.

a phone
Check your memberships for discounts.

Exploring different memberships is always useful – so remember to do it. Even your worker’s union might be able to score some discounts for you! So, make sure you think about what membership cards you have – and talk to the representatives. You never know how little (or how much) you can save this way!

Belonging to a certain group might help you as well

There is another way of earning relocation discounts – belonging to a certain group of people. This “life membership” works differently with different companies, but it’s still worth exploring. For example, a lot of companies specialize in elder moving services. Not only do they provide amazing care for elders, but they might even offer some discounts when moving them.

The same applies to other things. Earning relocation discounts as a student is tough, so some companies offer student moving services. You might be able to score some amazing discounts as a member of the law forces, military or if you are a teacher. Make sure you talk about this when you contact us so that we can help you get an easy and affordable move.

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