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Many would assume that once they arrive at their new home or business establishment after the ordeals of packing and moving that they think that everything is now “easy-peasy.” In other words, it’s not over until everything is over; and by “everything is over” we mean that after you’re done unpacking and organizing your stuff that you spent days or weeks packing into bags, boxes, and containers.

It is known that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and it can be quite tempting to do the entire unpacking experience without much care in the world. Doing so is promotes a one-way ticket to damaged or missing items, or other such mishaps that can happen. To avoid such tragedies, read on to find out how you can be more careful when you unpack and organize your stuff after you arrive at your new place.


Become Proactive

One of the more obvious keys to staying organized while you unpack is to just become just as organized when you were still at the packing phase of the move. Perhaps the best way to go about this is to have a checklist or a system noting down everything that is packed in each box. You can cross-out items within said list when you’ve already placed the item (or items) in its respective place.

Take a Picture

There are a lot of movers who swear by taking pictures of each item that is within a particular box. This way, you would know what the item looks like and you don’t have to write down a full list of items that is inside each box.

Set up Furniture First

Before unpacking the smaller items, it is vital that you setup your furniture first before unpacking the other boxes. Besides, having a couch or bed at the ready will let you have a place to sit down and relax even just for a minute.

Decide Ahead Which Rooms to Prioritize

It can be easy to just take out the items inside random boxes and place it to whatever room they belong. Many people think that this can get the most work done will actually result in the opposite outcome. Since you’ll be walking more from room-to-room, more time is spent and the longer it takes to for the unpacking and organizing to be done.

If you want packing and moving assistance right from the start, then you can contact Golan’s Moving & Storage to help you in all of your relocating needs. This way, you can have an even easier time with regards to unpack and organize.

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