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If you thought that the moving process is over when the movers deliver and bring in your belongings, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Once you’re left alone in your new home, you’ll see that you are still surrounded by all those moving boxes. And that unpacking is, in fact, the last part of the moving process. If you’re thinking now about how it will take you ages to unpack, then you are wrong again. But this time luckily. Just remember that movers can unpack in a day! That’s why we’ve asked moving companies in Skokie IL to give us some tips and tricks to speed up unpacking. And we’ve put them all here so that you can read all about them.

But first, a piece of advice

You can try out any hack you find, but if you’re not organized they won’t work. And you’ll have wasted your time both finding the hack and applying it. And generally, whatever you do you must remain calm and collected. If you run around like a headless chicken it will take you more time to unpack. Trust me.

A stressed woman
Not to mention that you’ll only end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

I do know that all you want to do is unpack the fastest you can so that you can rest after the relocation. And I feel you. But there’s no rushing unpacking. Because if you don’t do it properly you’ll just end up postponing it or doing it twice. If, however, you don’t think you can do it you can always find a moving company that offers unpacking service. You will have to pay a little extra for this special service, but keep in mind that you can just sit back and relax while the professionals do the hard work. Furthermore, it will take them half the time it would take you. The main reasons are, of course, that they are organized and experienced. And most importantly that they have done that countless times and know all the hacks for speeding up the unpacking.

Making a plan to speed up unpacking

A good idea would be to rest for a bit before you start unpacking. But don’t worry for it will be an active rest so to say. Because what you should do while you’re resting is to try and come up with an unpacking plan. Having an unpacking plan is a sure way to speed up unpacking. Now, what you’re supposed to figure out is what to unpack first, which rooms to unpack first, what system is the best one to use (unpacking room by room or unpacking by category) and so on. But maybe the most important part of your unpacking plan should be to think about where you will put what. If you know the place for almost every item beforehand it will speed up unpacking immensely.

A video controller
A good unpacking plan will help you stay on top of things and in control.

However, if you are that anxious to unpack and can’t sit down even for a minute, there’s something else you can do. Namely, what you can do, if you want that much to unpack as soon as possible is to put everything on the shelves, closets and other places in the designated room. Later on, when you have enough time you can rearrange everything as you please. That’s a particularly good hack for unpacking your kitchen. And if you use this system you will unpack in a day without a problem.

What to unpack first in order to speed up unpacking

The worst thing you can do is unpack unsystematically. If you wish to speed up the unpacking you should unpack room by room. That way you’re staying organized. And you’re preventing that running around like a headless chicken that we’ve talked about. Furthermore, you should start with the rooms you use the most. So start with your kitchen, bathroom, and your bedrooms. And you can finish off with the guest room, attic, and basement.

A pile of moving boxes - Speed up unpacking
But before you start unpacking you should put all the boxes to their respective rooms.

As for what items you should unpack first the answer is quite similar actually. Because the essentials should be the first ones you unpack. By essentials, I mean everything you use on a daily bases. So, for example, toothbrushes and other toiletries, underwear, PJs and some comfy set of clothes for the first few days, and the basic thing for preparing food. So, basically unpack anything you might need to get you through the first few days while most of your things are still in the moving boxes.

A tip to not get stuck and speed up unpacking at the same time

If you don’t know where to put something or you can’t find enough space for it, don’t get stuck there. You can put all those things in a pile in some corners. And after you’ve unpacked everything else try to find a place for them. However, if you’re still unable to do it you can always rent storage units Skokie and move those items there. It will give you time to think about if you really need them. Then you basically have three options:

  1. However, if those things have sentimental value and you just can’t part with them, that’s also okay. You can just keep them in your storage unit until you find a place for them in your house or you find the guts to get rid of them.
  2. The second option is, of course, to find a place in your new home where you’ll keep them.
  3. If you don’t need those things you can try to sell them on eBay for example. Or you can always make someone happy by donating those things.

Final words

So, it’s time to conclude. Your best option to speed up unpacking is to hire professionals like Golan’s Moving & Storage to unpack for you. If, however, you prefer to do it yourself, the most important thing is to stay organized. You can do that by making an unpacking plan. And just to remind you one more time – try not to unpack different rooms at the same time. Follow that and you’ll unpack in no time!

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