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Renting storage can be incredibly useful when moving or downsizing. You can use it to put away items you can’t part with or that have no use for the time being. People put all kinds of stuff to storage. From furniture to sports equipment. Often, storage can be a safe haven for all those items that carry specific meaning to us, like memorabilia or childhood items. However, there are some things that you should never put to storage, especially considering Skokie’s climate. We made this specific guide to help you decide if your items will be safe to put to storage.

Can you put scented items to storage?

This one might be surprising. You shouldn’t put scented items to storage simply because they may attract rodents. Humans are not the only animals that appreciate a good scented candle. Rats like it too. They can find the source of that pleasant scent and go straight to your storage. They aren’t picky about what they eat so they will take a bite out of anything. This will result in your items being damaged and leave you with impending rodents infestation, which is another problem. No moving boxes Chicago can stop a hungry rodent from chomping away at your nice-smelling belongings.

A woman holding a scented candle that should never be put t storage
Scented candles, for example, are best kept at home and not at a storage facility.

Perishable items

You shouldn’t put away perishables like food because they will likely go bad. This is usually because the temperature can fluctuate wildly and ruin something like this. Another reason is they have an expiration date for a reason. This goes especially for wine because it needs stable conditions and specific storing requirements. Good residential movers Chicago will always advise you that, when moving, you should never store food and perishables.

Any living thing

Hopefully, you already know this. Of course, no plant can survive those living conditions. No animal could either. Plants and animals require constant care and attention, which you cannot give in such an enclosed and isolated space.

Potted plants on a wooden table
Plants need lots of sunlight, water, and care to thrive, so you should keep them at home.

Liquids and wet items

Even though storage Skokie is climate controlled, the weather in Skokie can get quite cold. It rains and snows a lot which affects the items you store. Because of this, wet items that are stored can quickly attract mold. Once it appears, it’s dangerous to you and your belongings, and it is quite challenging to get rid of.

Flammable and toxic materials

Chicago moving and storage company has seen all kinds of poorly stored items. The number 1 things you should never put to storage are flammable and toxic materials. This includes guns as well.

All sorts of accidents can happen, but these items make them more dangerous and even deadly. You shouldn’t put these things to storage but find out how to properly get rid of them. The same goes for any illegal items as well.

Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid any mishaps and accidents that might happen if you store the wrong kinds of items. When thinking about things to put to storage, always remember key rules: wet, liquids, flammable or perishable items should be kept safely and never in a storage.

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