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Chicago is a beautiful place to live. It’s home to 2.7 million people and countless bridges, museums, parks, jazz clubs, restaurants, and anything else your heart desires! There are excellent universities and schools, as well as a lot of different job opportunities in hospitality, business, and much more. That’s why Chicago is a popular choice for many people. You may want to immerse yourself in the city’s streets and nightlife or walk around the shores of Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. If you’re considering relocating there, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, Golan’s Moving and Storage have prepared all the things you should know before relocating to Chicago!

8 things you should know before relocating to Chicago

Even though Chicago is amazing and will take anyone’s breath away, it can also be overwhelming if you’re moving from a smaller city to this metropolis. This is why we have prepared 8 things you need to be informed about before relocating:

  1. Jobs
  2. Rent
  3. Economy
  4. Weather
  5. Public transport
  6. Neighborhoods
  7. Food and drinks
  8. Parks
Things you should know before relocating to Chicago
There are many things you should know before relocating to Chicago, keep reading!

What jobs are popular in Chicago? 

Leisure, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation are the most developed sectors in Chicago. But if you don’t fall under any of these, don’t worry, Chicago is so big and diverse that you will find your place there in no time!

Rent in Chicago 

Chicago can be very pricy, especially when it comes to renting. The average rent is $2,051 for a one-bedroom apartment and $2,550 for a two-bedroom apartment. Now, rents are starting to rise again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Depending on your salary and lifestyle, however, you might just be able to live there comfortably. Make sure you are informed beforehand and have calculated your average living costs. If you think this is doable and want to start packing, check out packing supplies Chicago and find everything you need for your move.

The economy in Chicago

Chicago is known for its diverse economy and job market. Many sectors are thriving and job opportunities present themselves left and right. You just need to keep your eyes open and be present in your job hunting. Don’t let the vastness of the windy city discourage you – instead, see it as a sea of opportunities just waiting to be grasped.

Chicago weather

Before residential movers Chicago help you relocate here be aware that it is notorious for its wind and cold winters. The coldest month is January, where temperatures dip to 0 degrees. The hottest month is July, with temperatures around 81 degrees. If you are a person who prefers the cold over the heat, this is the place for you! While the summers are mild and breezy, the winters might be harsh on people who are moving from much warmer places, such as Los Angeles, for example. So, if you are planning your relocation, make sure you have the right clothing and shoes so nothing can surprise you! Layering up is key to living in the Windy City.

Public transportation 

There are many forms of public transport in Chicago, and many people use them which is why the city makes sure transport is always running smoothly. The Metro Rail is amazing and will get you to your destination fairly quickly. If you are planning on living in the suburbs, you won’t have to worry about getting to the city. There is also the option of taxis, which are much pricier though. When you’re looking for your new home, check out if there are metro or bus stations near you. This way, you won’t have any problems or losses in time when traveling to work and back.

A woman standing in front of speeding train
Ways of transportation are something you need to know about when moving to Chicago!

Chicago neighborhoods you need to know about before moving

There are many neighborhoods in Chicago to choose from. Of course, it depends on your preferences and taste, whether you want a quiet place to live or you’re looking for a busy, nightlife-rich block. 

Here is our list of the best neighborhoods to move to in Chicago:

  1. Bucktown
  2. Hyde Park
  3. Wicker Park
  4. Lincoln Park
  5. River North 

Once you’ve found all the information you need and are ready to pack up your life and start a new one in Windy City, professional movers Chicago are here to make your moving experience an unforgettable one!

Food in Chicago

Now, food is something Chicago is famous for! If you’re a foodie who likes exploring and trying out cuisines, you will have so much fun in the city! Places like Lettuce Entertain You, Sun Wah BBQ, Arun’s, and Parachute are very popular and high-quality, so they might be a good place to start. Moreover, if you’re looking for cheaper options, the number of street vendors, little restaurants, and food shops is endless! Walk around and start exploring. 

Of course, you can’t live in Chicago without trying their famous deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. This is something everyone is obsessed with, and with good reason at that. Delicious food is waiting for you at every corner.

When it comes to drinks, there are many amazing options for beer and cocktails. Paired with the bustling nightlife found here, you are in for a treat. Sit down at a jazz club and enjoy the music, drinks, and food and you’ll fall in love with this city.

A park in Chicago
The perfect place to relax and get to know the city!

Chicago Parks

Something you should know before relocating to Chicago which might give you a push in the right direction is that there are 570 parks in the city, from small, huge, secluded, or popular, you will find your new favorite park here easily. If you like to picnic, read books on a good bench or walk around and have a moment to yourself, try the smaller, less popular parks. If you like jogging and cycling, there are many options. Even art lovers will find their happy place here, with parks full of artists’ sculptures and installations. The DuSable Museum is situated in Washington Park, so make sure you check it out if you’re looking for culture. There is even a bird and butterfly sanctuary there!

Additionally, if you like beaches and being close to water, you can do that too!  Try North Avenue Beach, 12th St Beach, and Montrose Avenue Beach are just a few of them! 

Things you should know before relocating to Chicago

Chicago attracts many people from all spheres of life looking for education, culture, good food, and new job opportunities. As a city famous for its food, there’s always a place to eat or drink in the city. Iconic dish pizza, Chicago barbecue, and Chicago-style hotdogs are guaranteed to make you fall in love with this city. However, before the moving day make sure you are informed about things you should know before relocating to Chicago. The city is big and you will need to be determined and hard-working to live there. If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to pack, hire moving boxes Chicago to help you with your move. So, good luck with the next part of your journey, and happy moving!

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