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Moving to another town can be tricky, and requires a lot of planning and preparation. But when it comes to moving to Evanston, consider yourself lucky. We’re here to help you weigh out your options and show you why relocating here is a perfect choice. If you want to live here, all you have to do is contact Chicago Moving and Storage, and they’ll take care of the rest. Relocating to Evanston is certainty a great idea and we wholeheartedly support this decision. Here, you’ll learn a couple of things you need to know before making your relocation plan.

a suburb home in Evanston
Evanston welcomes you with open arms

Moving to Evanston requires a team of professional movers

The foundation of a successful move is selecting a great and reliable company for the job. It saves you a lot of time compared to a DIY move, and it is overall safer. Evanston movers offer a wide variety of services and you need to pick the ones that work the best for you. From vehicle transport and packing services to antique furniture handling. Some of these services cost more than others, but you can rest assured your items will be perfectly safe. Needless to say, there’s a lot to organize and decide on your end too. For example, your movers can’t decide in your stead if you’ll move or throw away your sofa. Even though you have nothing to worry about with a professional team of movers, you still have to prepare. With good organization and a team of professionals, moving to Evanston will be a breeze.

concrete pathway in a park
The city is full of parks and trails to relax in

Evanston is a beautiful and affordable city to live in

Situated only 12 miles from Chicago and with over 75.000 residents, Evanston is popular with all generations. Ask anyone living here, and they’ll tell you they’re very proud and happy to be there. Evanston isn’t your typical college town or an elderly retreat, but it appeals to everyone, no matter young or old. Thanks to the popular Northwestern University, education here is held at a high standard. Given the fact that the city has nine business districts, there’s plenty of opportunity for work and leisure. So if you want a quiet yet active place to live in, don’t hesitate and contact local movers Chicago. Another appeal of the city is its affordability. The average home value is around $380.000 while renting will set you back roughly $1.300 per month. For reference, the median household income of Evanston residents comes up to $80.000. Evanston provides its residents with everything they need.

aerial shot of lake michigan
Lake Michigan is perfect for the long summer days

It is a great place for kids and seniors alike

Evanston has plenty of parks, schools, and playgrounds, which is why families often opt for living here. In addition,  the crime rate is much lower than the national average, making it a very safe place to live in. The city itself isn’t that large, meaning everything is fairly accessible, perfect for family life. Evanston constantly tries to be sustainable and green, and its community is very open and forward-thinking. Moving to Evanston is often the choice of many senior citizens as well. Here, they can spend quality time with friends and family, and enjoy the many beauties of the city of Evanston. All residents can enjoy plenty of exercise and hobbies and in the summer, everyone goes to the beach. The six beaches of Lake Michigan are a perfect escape from the heat and everyday worries.

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