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The moving process isn’t an easy undertaking. Even when you’re moving locally there are some challenges you will face, therefore hiring professional movers will take all the stress and worry away from your move. Hiring a professional and reputable moving company like Golan’s Moving & Storage is a must if you want your moving experience to be an unforgettable one. However, sometimes hiring professionals isn’t all it takes to have a smooth and fast move. There are some things you can do to prepare for your local move which include finding the right supplies.  So, don’t go anywhere, and let’s dive into all the things you need to buy for your local move if you want moving day to come faster!

Moving is stressful, whether it’s local or long-distance. Having the right moving supplies will make it much easier though. We are here to help you with everything you need with this list of must-have moving supplies you need to buy.


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Things you need to buy for your local move – a complete list!

What are the things you need to buy for your local move?


Boxes are the number one packing supply. You can buy cardboard boxes pretty much anywhere and they are an absolute must-have. If you want to save a couple of bucks, you can check out your local grocery stores and ask for them. Many of them have a surplus of boxes which they throw out anyway. You can even ask your friends and family if they have some to spare. Moving boxes are a very common item in many households. However, if you are interested in new boxes which will last, we recommend moving boxes Chicago.

Having multiple sizes of boxes will also be helpful when packing. You will need small boxes for heavier items such as office supplies and books, medium boxes for clothing and kitchen supplies, and large boxes for items such as blankets, bedsheets, and pillows.

Packing paper

Packing paper is a very useful packing supply. You will need a lot of it, so make sure you buy enough to go around. This depends on how many fragile items you have such as dishware, glassware, antiques, or jewelry that you want to keep protected during the move. In addition, packing paper is an excellent option for sharp objects like kitchen knives or tools. The paper will also provide extra cushioning inside, keeping all your belongings tightly packed and unable to bounce around.


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Pro tip – always label, then pack!

Bubble wrap

In addition to packing paper, bubble wrap is a great way to protect very fragile items as well as fill out corners inboxes once you’ve packed them. Items cant must move inside the box and get damaged in the process. Moreover, bubble wrap will work wonders on oddly shaped or heavy valuables such as instruments or gym equipment.

Labeling supplies

Now that you have wrapped all your items, you need to start labeling and packing simultaneously. A very important thing to remember is always label as you pack! You will save yourself a lot of trouble and potential headaches if you just label everything neatly and as you are packing. Otherwise, you might have to reopen boxes or move things around just to see what’s inside to label a box. As for how to label, it’s up to you. Many people use permanent markers and write directly on the box while others stick to post-it notes. You could also buy colored labels and use one color for each room.

Packing tape

Quality packing tape is crucial if you want to have a less stressful move. This is an item you should never skimp out on, trust us, investing a couple more bucks will pay off. The cheap tape will rip much more easily and sometimes won’t stick properly to your freshly labeled boxes. With more durable tape, however, your boxes will stay sealed and with all of your precious items as well. Packing tape is an item that is used up pretty quickly so you should always buy extra just in case. Hiring professional packers can speed this process along considerably. If you are inerested in movers who will help you pack, check out packing services. 


If you are planning on moving by yourself with the help of your friend’s truck, the rope will come in handy. You will need to make sure your items and boxes are stable. Any unsecured box can be dangerous and cause damage to your other items as well. Because of the importance of minimizing risk, make sure you get a thick quality rope that will hold everything in place.

A furniture dolly

If you have really heavy boxes or bulky furniture, a dolly will make your move so much easier! They can hold a lot of weight and will spare you from having to drag everything around yourself. If you don’t want to buy a furniture Dollie, you can always rent one from a moving company for less than $30.

Furniture pads

For your really heavy and big pieces of furniture, you will need furniture pads. They will help with cushioning your couch or armchair while moving. No one wants to see a broken off furniture leg or scratched wooden door at the end of their move. If you want to keep your furniture intact, these pads are a lifesaver, but make sure you attach them in the right way. Furniture pads can be rented, but they are also a very useful supply to have for future moves. Consider having some on a back shelf in your new home.

A couch and a lamp
Cover your furniture for better protection!

Furniture covers

Simple plastic covers will keep your furniture’s surface areas clean and protected. They are very easy to find and use. Just buy them and slide them on your cushions or couch!

Cleaning supplies

Last but not least, buying some new cleaning supplies which you will use up can help you greatly on moving day. Since you need to leave your place behind without a speck, having new supplies to use up on the spot will speed everything along. Once you have everything you need, you can get started with cleaning our home for the new owners.  Just buy basic cleaning supplies for the day of, and you will feel accomplished and the new homeowners will be delighted.

Things you need to buy for your local move – an important part of planning

Hiring professional movers can aid the moving process along because their years of experience in local and long-distance moves will ensure they are prepared for anything. Luckily, Chicago area movers are always here to take the weight off your shoulders and make your move a breeze! However, you can do certain things to make your packing easier and leave behind a sparkling clean house for the new owners. With our complete list of all the things you need to buy for your local move, you will surely be prepared for anything. Your new home awaits so let’s go buy supplies!

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