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Finding yourself movers for the move is one of the most important tasks when relocating. They are the core of your move because they will handle the most sensitive tasks. But, the road to finding them can be long and stressful. You need to know what to ask and how to know that you have the right movers by your side. One of the crucial tasks is asking for a moving quote. It sounds too simple, yet it can be difficult. We will give you a couple of tips on things that you want to specify in order to get proper moving quotes Chicago. Become an expert in hiring the proper moving company for your relocation!

Asking for a moving quote is easier with these tips

  • The weight of your items
  • Distance of your move
  • Number of services that you are using

The weight of your items

The single most important thing that determines the price of your move is the weight of your move. If the weight is higher, you are going to pay more, it is that simple. That is why these are the first things that you want to specify when requesting a moving quote from your movers. However, there are many affordable movers Chicago that have much lower rates. You need to be careful here and avoid getting scammed. So, take your time to evaluate every single offer you get.

a weight scale
Weight is the most important thing that determines the price of a relocation

Distance of your move

The weight of your items is an important thing, but the distance of your move also plays a major role. The equation is simple. If you have more miles to cover, your relocation is going to be more expensive. Local moves are also easier to handle so that prices will be lower. But, if you have to hire long distance movers Chicago, you need to give this information and prepare that you will have to pay more than for the local relocation. There is no way around it, except if you get some kind of deal with the moving company.

a long road
Make sure you specify the distance of your move when you are asking for a moving quote

Number of services that you are using

Do you need your movers just to transfer your stuff from point A to point B or do you want additional services? The number of services that you are using also plays a role in how much you are going to pay for the relocation. So, when requesting a moving quote, make sure to be explicit about this matter in order to avoid any kind of complications. Do you want packing services Chicago? You will get it. Do you want storage services? You will get it. Just make sure to communicate this well when making a deal with your moving company!

Get the right moving quote when requesting it

Not too many people know that there are three different kinds of moving quotes. Non-binding, binding, and binding-not-to-exceed. They all have their pros and cons but you need to communicate well and learn what you are getting. It is also crucial for this to specify when getting a moving quote because it can save you a ton of problems with the movers later.

Now that you know crucial things that you need to specify when asking for a moving quote, you can start doing it by yourself. You now know where to keep your eye on and get the best deal. All you need to do is have enough time to evaluate everything and you will certainly make the right call!

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