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Packing is a process that can determine how smooth your relocation experience is. Namely, the better you pack – the easier time you will have unpacking and finishing with the relocation process. In this article, we will discuss just that. We will share tips on how to pack before your movers arrive and what items you should pay attention to. Moreover, as you should have everything ready for the move, we will talk about how to pack certain items. If you are relocating soon and you still have not found the right moving company, you can consider hiring affordable movers Chicago.

What to pack before your movers arrive and how

A helping hand from a moving company will speed up your relocation process and make it easier. Moreover, when you opt for a moving company you ensure your items are in professional hands. However, there are certain things you can do to prolong the longevity of your items and let movers know that certain items require special handling. As we discuss the methods in which you should pack your items, if you are short on moving supplies, consider opting for moving boxes Chicago services to aid you.

  • Disassemble any furniture or appliances you can
  • Pack fragile items and label the boxes
  • Pack your electronics in enough protective material
  • Books and artwork must have adequate protection and package
a couple finishing with the packing process in the bedroom
The better you pack your items the easier it will be for the movers to carry them to the moving truck

Make sure you pack these items first. This way you can make sure they are safely packed and you will have less items to work with as you go on with the packing process.

Disassemble any furniture or appliances you can

The first thing you want to do is see how you can disassemble any furniture or appliances in your house. For instance, the fridge will require at least 48 hours of prior de-frosting before you decide to pack it. Make sure you do that before you start packing it. Now, as your freezer is de-frosting you can start disassembling other appliances or furniture in your home. This way you will save up a lot of space and make it easier for movers to carry the items to the moving truck. The reason why you should do this first is that it can take a lot of time to finish, especially if you are doing it last minute. So, to avoid any stress on a moving day, start with the disassembly of any large or bulky items.

Pack fragile items and label the boxes

The next step would be to focus on the most fragile items in your home. Moreover, you should devote time to apply adequate protection to these items. Due to their fragile nature, these items can pose serious issues if not packed properly. More importantly, by packing them on time you minimize potential damage if done later on. As you pack your fragile items, make sure you put them aside, so you do not break them by accident. You want to pack before your movers arrive because this should be something you want to take care off as soon as possible.

a couple wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap sa you shoud pack before your movers arrive
Make sure your fragile items have enough protection and make sure you label the boxes so the movers will know how to handle them

More importantly, labelling boxes will let movers know that they need to handle these boxes with care when moving them. This can also help you prevent potential damage when transporting or loading into the moving truck.

Pack before your movers arrive – Pack your electronics in enough protective material

Your electronic devices will also need adequate protection when moving. More importantly, they can help the movers handle them properly and with minimum risk of damage. For instance, your TV, PC or lap top should have enough protection during the transport phase of the relocation. Protective materials, such as styrofoam or packing peanuts are the best when protecting your electronics go. However, if you want the best protection for those items, we suggest finding the original boxes of those items. Those boxes require everything that your electronic device needs for safe transport. If you, by any chance, do not have adequate materials for this type of packing, you can always consider hiring professional packers to help you.

Books and artwork must have adequate protection and package

When it comes to books and artwork the main goal is to preserve their original condition. Regardless of how classy, expensive or cheap they are – their condition is very important. That is why you should spend enough time applying proper protection for these items. However, books on their own do not require special conditions. Just find a large and sturdy enough box to stack them in. Make sure that you balance the weight of the books properly, to avoid any rips or boxes breaking. When it comes to artwork – you should find materials to cover them before you transport them. These covers will prevent dust from falling on the art.

a couple sitting on the floor in their living room packing books in a cardboard box
Due to their weight you should try and separate the box in each box accordingly – to avoid any box rips

If you have a collection of small paintings, for instance, you can also use a cardboard box to safely pack them. A piece of good advice is to place some soft material between the artwork so you minimize potential damage.

If you are not sure about packing the items yourself – hire packing services

If you think you will not do a good job with protecting and packing your items you can always hire a packing service to do the job for you. Yes, that might cost you more than it should. However, if you do a bad job when you pack before your movers arrive you can have bigger expenses when the items break. For instance, if you have a piano in your home you should consider hiring piano movers to help you. Moreover, regardless of what type of items you have to move, if you have your doubts – opt for an extra service. Make sure to consult your moving budget to see if that is something you can afford. On the long run, it is better to pay extra to prolong the longevity of your items than to pay for new items if the old ones broke.

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