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The holidays are a beautiful part of the year that many people love. Holidays are all about family and taking a rest from the past year. But sometimes people have to move during this time, and surprisingly, it also brings many benefits. For example, some Chicago area movers will be more flexible and offer their services for a lower price. But once moving is finished, you will find yourself in a new place in Skokie and you won’t know what you can do for entertainment. This medium-sized town might seem like it doesn’t have much to offer, but it is full of potential, especially during the holidays. Get ready to be amazed by the numerous things to do in Skokie during the holidays.

Skokie has more to offer than you might expect

Are you looking for a nice place to visit during this holiday season? We know just the one for you, Skokie, a North Shore community 16 miles northwest of Chicago, a town that has a distinct identity. After WWII, a sizable Jewish community, including many Holocaust survivors, migrated to this very diversified area of Chicagoland. Skokie still has a strong Jewish population, with many Orthodox schools and an active Chabad.

You will find that this friendly city with a prominent Holocaust museum also has a passion for the arts, an affluent Westfield mall, and many first-class public amenities. Your family can enjoy it all and also learn something new since there are many things to do in Skokie during the holidays. It’s so beautiful that most people who visit want to move there. If that happens to be the case with you, hire professional movers such as Golan’s Moving & Storage to help you pit with your relocation.

Picture of people enjoying cake as one of the things to do in Skokie during the holidays
There’s plenty of delicious food you can enjoy in Skokie.

Visit the Skokie Farmers’ Market

Skokie’s farmers’ market is a staple of both summer and fall, taking place on Sundays from June through November. To get there, you’ll need to park in the Village Hall parking lot and walk through a slew of merchants selling anything from local fruits and veggies to local cheese, honey, and more. There are farmers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the market, and a lot of the food you will see was harvested just a few hours earlier. Organic, locally grown food has become popular in the past few years since people started noticing the health benefits it has.

Since it is a smaller town, people that live and shop here also get to know their vendors well with time. Once you buy something from a farmers market, you will never go back to a supermarket. Homemade and fresh food is always the better choice. With a renowned taco and tamales shop, there’s always something to eat on the road. You can also get pumpkins for Halloween there and later enjoy carving them out with your family. If you run out of storage space because of the food in your home you can rent storage units Skokie for the items that you don’t use often. That way you will have more space to prepare holiday dinner and maybe throw a party during the holidays.

Have a blast at The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is an interactive indoor playground operated by the Skokie Park District and recently recognized by the Chicago Tribune. When the weather is bad, you cannot really be outside. If you are looking for things to do in Skokie during the holidays with kids, this is a great choice. The creators have imaginatively developed this place to assist youngsters in learning via unstructured play.

Recent studies have shown that this kind of play is the most stimulating to young, developing brains. Tubes and tunnels cover two and a half levels, and there is also a climbing wall and a water play area with a water vortex. You can also find a dress-up area with a stage, the Engineering Megastation, and the Transportation Station, which is geared toward rail enthusiasts. Your kids will have so much fun and you will be able to relax. They would want to come here every day. And if you call moving companies in Skokie IL and move, they will be able to.

kids playing in the Exploritorium
Your kids will have a lot of fun things to do in Skokie during the holidays.

Pay a visit to the Skokie Theatre

Catching the eye for its glossy Art Moderne style and checkerboard motif, the Skokie Theatre has been around in different forms since 1915. The current design dates to an expansion and remodeling in the 1940s. For most of its history, the venue was a single-screen movie theater, before finally closing in 2004 and becoming a live performance venue. Today, MadKap Productions runs the theater programming musicals, concerts, talent shows, plays, stand-up, and sketch comedy, seasonal celebrations, cabaret, kids’ shows, Oscar night screenings, and much more. Skokie is truly a place for all generations. There are many things to do in Skokie during the holidays for all generations. All you need to do is go online and research or ask friends who visited or already live in Skokie.

Emily Oaks Nature Center is one of the interesting things to do in Skokie during the holidays

If you just want to escape the city for a while, this natural conservation area is a great place to spend an afternoon with family. But since the days are short during the holidays, you need to plan your visiting hours. The center features wildlife like flying squirrels, red foxes, and coopers hawks. You can simply enjoy walking on the trails or enroll in one of the educational classes and learn something new. Keep in mind that since you will be visiting during the holidays, it might get cold. Illinois can get really cold during the winter, so you should bring warm, winter clothes just in case. Once you get tired of walking and want to call it a day, you can grab a drink and snack at Woodland Wander Inn.

Picture of a fox
If you want to learn something new, this is one of the things to do in Skokie during the holidays that must be on your to-do list

Final thoughts on fun things to do and see in Skokie

Some of the things to do in Skokie during the holidays can be seen and done during the entire year. But once it gets cold and sometimes snowy, the town gets a different charm to it. Apart from the places that we talked about, there are also:

All of these are things to do in Skokie during the holidays. You can do them just as a visitor as well. But to be honest, that is all you need to fall in love with this place and become its resident. Have fun during the holidays!

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