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Illinois is one of the best states in the US to live in. Why? Well, because some of the most prosperous cities are located here. Due to this reason, many people move here every year. That is why this high demand has made people realize that moving companies are needed. There are many moving companies Chicago that you could hire to move you but not all of them are ready. That is why there are many things that you need to discuss with your movers prior to hiring them. It will make everything much clearer and you will have an easier task. Here is what you should always talk about with movers before the relocation.

What to discuss with your movers prior to hiring them?

  • Moving estimates
  • Restricted items
  • Insurance

Moving estimates

Many people make mistakes with moving estimates. They are the estimation about the price of the move given by the company. But, not all estimates are good for you. Non-binding moving estimates are the worst kind because the price can be very different than what they have calculated. That means that if your weight is bigger than the movers have estimated, you will have to pay more.

On the other hand, binding and binding-not-to-exceed estimates are the kinds you want to have. They will some kinds of guarantee that you will not pay more than you have already said you will pay. Always discuss this with a moving company before you hire them because it can save you from trouble.

Restricted items

There are a lot of restricted items that movers from Illinois will not move. If you do not know whether they will most some things or not, it is important for you to talk about this with them. Not every mover will have the same list, everything depends. For example, movers will not move anything flammable, toxic, or hazardous. Many people are worried whether their movers can move their furniture, pool table or some other special kind of thing. There are many furniture movers Chicago that will handle your furniture and protect it from everything during the transport. As you can see, things vary and the important task is to check whether your movers can or can’t move a particular thing.

gas tanks - discuss with your movers prior to hiring
Always ask about forbidden items before packing

Talk about insurance before hiring movers

Talking about insurance with movers is crucial if moving to Illinois is your goal. Why? Illinois is a large state where you can call most moves long-distance ones. That means that there is a statistically more chance that something will happen to your items during the move. Protecting yourself is an important task.

There are two main types of insurance that movers provide. Released value protection is not that great because it does not cover the full price of your items. You will get compensated about 60% of the item’s price. Full value protection is a much better choice because you will get the full market price for the items.

a man signing papers
Discussing insurance is crucial for a successful move


Of course that there are a lot more items that you should discuss with your movers prior to hiring. Moving to the state of Illinois can be hard, especially if you are moving from one end to the other. It makes talking about certain things a necessity if you want to have full control. Always talk about anything that you find important, even if it is not. After all, you are paying for the move.

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