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The night before the moving day will be busy. But you will still need to make sure that you get a good sleep and rest well. That is why it is important to finish most of your work before the sunset. Of course, there will be a few more things to do on your final day even if you prepared by the book. You should check in with the moving company, pack your last items, and prepare the food for tomorrow. Also, if you are not hiring furniture movers Chicago you should disassemble your furniture as well.

Things you usually have to do the night before moving day

Moving is a complicated process. And your final day depends on many factors. Maybe you didn’t have time to pack at all. Or you didn’t find storage in Skokie and your home is still overloaded. However, if you prepared by the book your final tasks will probably be to:

  • The first thing that you need to do the night before moving day is to check in with your moving company
  • Pack your final boxes
  • Prepare the food for tomorrow
  • Make sure that the parking spot for a moving truck is reserved
  • Prepare your car
A watch on a hand
Even if you prepared well, the night before moving day will be busy.

The night before the moving day you should check in with your movers

One of the things that you shouldn’t forget to do is to check in with your moving company. This will not take more than a few minutes, but you will be sure that everything is going as planned.

Make sure that everything is packed

If you hired professional packing services then you do not have to worry. But if you packed alone, there will still be some things that are not in their boxes. Dishes, toiletry, bedding, clothes. Go around your home once more and check every corner.

Prepare the food for your moving day

One of the things that you should do the night before the relocation day is to prepare some food for tomorrow. Make some sandwiches, prepare some snacks, and do not forget about the water.

Prepare the parking spot for the truck

Most of the time you will be in charge of reserving the parking spot for the moving truck. If that is your task, make sure that everything is ready before your final moving day. Do not forget that a moving truck usually needs at least two parking spots.

Parking spots
Do not forget about the parking for the moving truck

You can load your car the night before moving day

If you will be traveling in your car, you will need to check that everything is ready the night before moving day. If you own a garage, or you live in a safe neighborhood, you could load your bags in the trunk. That way you will have an easier task tomorrow when the show begins.

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