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Moving to Chicago as an expat is a great experience. Chicago is a city full of hard-working foreigners who give out their best to represent the country they came from. That’s why finding one of the perfect Chicago neighborhoods for European expats is very easy. However, to live in Chicago, you first need to move there. Golan’s Moving & Storage is your best option in case you want to move stress-free. All in all, if you want to find your perfect Chicago neighborhood, be sure to stick with us.

Chicago at night
Moving to Chicago is a tremendous experience.

Relocating abroad as a European

Relocation to the US from Europe is not uncommon. People tend to move for various reasons, one of them being a job. Whatever the case is, it’s important to relocate safely. Since you’ll be moving to a great distance, you might consider avoiding the most common packing mistakes if you can. Further, here’s what you should know when preparing for the international relocation:

  • Prepare for a time-zone change
  • Currency is definitely not euro
  • There’s a special dialing code for emergency
  • The population is huge
  • English is the dominant language

Moving to Chicago as an expat

Before you start checking Chicago neighborhoods for European expats, be sure to learn something about the country you’ll live in. Moving to Illinois is a great experience. Anyone who has a chance to live and work there can confirm it. What’s even better is the fact that plenty of people who came from abroad still live in Chicago. Moreover, there are plenty of tourists around, hence you won’t have issues fitting in. Also, you will love living in Chicago since there will always be something to do. As an expat, you’ll get to see how many activities you can take on.

Chicago neighborhoods for European expats

To begin with, there is no wrong answer when it comes to picking the right neighborhood. Chicago is a very decent city to live in. If you intend on settling in Chicago as an expat, you sure will love it there. However, here are some great neighborhoods to move to once you relocate to Chicago:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Logan Square
  • Evanston
  • Lakeview
  • Andersonville

Each one of these has plenty of opportunities when it comes to going out and meeting new people. Also, you get to enjoy not only nightlife but some peace as well. You are surrounded by diversity on every step. From nature, interesting architecture, nice people, all the way to various work chances.

Girl with a back pack
Settling in Chicago will be very exciting for you.

Life in Chicago

Finally, when it comes to living in Chicago you’ll notice that everyone loves it there. You will never face any issues with transport, thus you’ll always get to work on time. Since there’s always something to do, you’ll probably meet new people and connect quickly. Moreover, it’s very hard to get lost in Chicago which will come very convenient for you. In the end, living there is very safe which is one more reason to feel more confident about moving to Chicago. You’ll see that there are plenty of Chicago neighborhoods for European expats!

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