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When we move, we hire moving companies, such as professional movers Chicago, to help us safely transport our belongings. However, you should know that moving companies have strict rules about the relocation of certain items. The items movers will refuse to relocate are relatively the same as most moving companies. However, it is always advisable that you contact your moving company before you start packing and enquire about what those items are. In today’s article, we will discuss some of the most common items you will most likely not be able to pack in the moving truck. Now, bear in mind that, if you are moving out of state, you will probably have to gather information about what you can or cannot bring into the state. Each state has different rules and regulation and the moving companies are obliged to abide by them.

Items that your movers will refuse to relocate

We hire movers for the primary reason of having our items arriving safely in our new home. Judging by that, it is no wonder that a moving company will not move every item you want to move. In most cases, a moving company will refuse to move items that contain any form of hazardous materials or items that are of higher value.

a man placing cardboard boxes inside a white van
Communicate with your movers as they can help you figure out what you can and cannot pack inside the moving truck

If you, however, still want to relocate those items you will have to check and see if you are allowed to do so. On top of that, you can always hire speciality items movers to help you relocate such items. So, what are some of the most common items your movers will likely not want to move for you?

  1. Plants and pets
  2. Perishable goods
  3. Hazardous materials or items
  4. Items of high sentimental or monetary value
  5. Speciality items

1. Plants and pets

Moving things like plants and pets is not something you should expect from a moving company. At least, not from the regular service you opted for. Firstly, mostly because, if you are moving long-distance, another state might not allow moving such items inside their state. Secondly, because a regular moving truck cannot provide adequate conditions to preserve the state of your plants. This also applies to pets, most moving trucks will not allow a pet inside the truck with other items. If you are planning on hiring professional packers for relocation, they will be able to tell you which items cannot be placed inside the moving truck. Of course, you should learn about this on time, so you have enough time to figure something out.

2. Perishable goods

Before you start to pack think to yourself: Is moving my food really that important? If the answer is no, you will have an easier time packing for the move. Most movers will refuse to relocate any food inside the moving truck and for good reasons. Firstly, no regular moving truck can provide good conditions for your food to remain intact. Secondly, in case of the food tumbling over, it can spread smell throughout the whole moving truck. On top of that, many liquids might leak and harm other items inside the moving truck.

a knitted bag holding fruits as something your movers will refuse to relocate
Your best solution is to not go shopping for new food before you move and simply discard anything you have before moving

However, if you are able to provide a cooler for your food, the situation might be different. Of course, this will depend solely on the policies of your moving company. A cooler can hold all the food in one place and ensure they remain inside it.

3. Your movers will refuse to relocate hazardous materials or items

If you have items that are easily flammable or potentially explosive, you will not be able to move them inside the moving truck. For instance, if you want to move your car or some parts of your car, your best solution is hiring auto transportation Chicago services that specialize in such relocation. You should not be placing items dangerous for their surroundings with your household items. These items, if damaged or spilt, can cause severe damage to the items inside the truck as well as to the health of the moving crew. On top of that, they can pose a serious threat to the well-being of all people involved in the process. The best solution is to discard those materials and items in a proper manner in which they will not pose a threat to anyone.

4. Items of high sentimental or monetary value

The moving companies will not take a risk when it comes to moving your highly valued items. Regardless if those items have a high sentimental or monetary value, they are best near you. Another reason is that, if you sign an insurance policy, it will cover their current market value in case of damage. This can create an unwanted stressful situation and ruin your relocation experience. For that reason, your moving company will not transport such items both for their own and your own safety.

a pair of rings one atop of the other
Your most valued items should always be packed safely and kept close to you at all times

Make sure you take those items with you and make sure you pack them safely. Items such as personalized medicine, jewellery, important documents, house and car keys, etc. should never be inside the moving truck.

5. Speciality items

One of the biggest reasons to hire professional piano movers, for example, is because they have adequate skills and experience with moving such items. For that reason, your speciality items are best handled by those who have experience in that field. The reason why regular movers will refuse to relocate such items is that they are too fragile and valuable for them. This is something they will refuse to prevent you from having any losses if the items are not properly handled. If you have items such as pianos, other musical instruments or antiquities to move, do your research and find movers who specialize in those relocations.

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