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The holidays are special times in the year. There are many holidays, but Easter and Christmas holidays are the most widely celebrated ones. It is a rare time when most people have the time off from work to spend with their loved ones. That’s why not many people use this time to move. But there are many benefits, so the number of holiday moves is rising. What used to be a calm period for professional movers like Golan’s Moving & Storage IL is now a busy time. If you are about to join the trend, you should be informed about the do’s and don’ts of relocation during the holidays.

There are certain benefits to holiday relocations

Even though auto transportation Chicago companies have seen an increase in business during the holidays, it is not close as busy as in summer. You cannot expect to get discounts, but you will for sure find a date that fits both the customer and the service provider, don’t wait for too long – one month before is the last deadline that you should wait for. Another benefit is that your kids won’t have school during this time, making it a good moment to switch schools.

Picture of kids coming home from school to get ready for relocation during the holidays
The holidays are a good time to relocate if you have school-aged kids

For a successful move, pay attention to some things

Relocation during the holidays, like every other move, requires preparation and thought. But if you start the process armed with knowledge, tips, and the help of Chicago moving services providers, it will be a breeze. Some things that you should do when relocating are:

  • Hire movers on time – as we mentioned, many people nowadays decide to make good use of their free time. Many people are moving, and only so many reputable movers. Dates can get booked fast, so book your move at least a few months in advance.
  • Count on increased traffic – everybody will either have quests over or visit someone during the holidays. This puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure of big cities, leading to traffic jams. Plan for extra traveling time, in case you get stuck in traffic during rush hour.
  • Get supplies on time – many businesses and retail shops won’t work during the holidays. Things like packing supplies are crucial for a successful move, so get them in bulk on time.

Relocation during the holidays requires you to avoid doing certain things

As much as you need to do some things, some should be avoided. Doing this will either slow down the process or disturb it entirely. Even with the help of packing services Chicago providers, you should not:

  • Count on your friends and family for moving help – your loved ones always want to assist you, but holidays are the only free time that some people get to spend with their families. Don’t count on those people to help you move, when they have better ways to pass their holidays.
  • Put up decorations before moving – even though you will be changing homes, holidays put everyone in a festive mood. Decorations are called for, but not in this case. You will have to put them up, only to remove them a short while after. This will be an extra task, that will take away precious time. Wait for after your move, and decorate your new home to make it feel warmer and more welcome.
Picture of a family spending a good time
Relocation during the holidays will disturb the nice time you could have with loved ones

As you can see, the holidays are a reasonable time to consider moving. As with everything, relocation during the holidays have good and bad sides. But in the end, your unique situation and lifestyle will be the ones determining the time of your move. And keep in mind that storage units are always a good idea, even during the holidays. Good luck and happy holidays!

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