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Each move has its ups and downs. Many things to think about, many people to involve and be in communication with. Whether we are talking about the local or long-distance move, the process of moving can be exhausting. Unless you are one of those who travel light with only one suitcase, prepare for a little bit of a hassle. Clothes, furniture, fragile things, all of that need sorting and packing. Clothes are not difficult to deal with, but all other heavy or od-shaped objects need special attention. For example, if you have to pack and move mirrors, you will most likely need help from some of the movers Chicago can offer.

Packing supplies required to pack and move mirrors

Whether you are moving to Illinois or out of it, when packing fragile and breakable things like mirrors, you need to stick to a certain technique. And in order to achieve that technique, you need high-quality packing materials. We list here what you need in order to pack and move mirrors

  • mirror box
  • piece of thick cardboard
  • lots of bubble wrap
  • packing and painter’s tape
  • permanent marker

Prepare the packing area

You will need space to maneuver when packing mirrors or some other similar items. Therefore, find a designated room and space in your home for this. You should go with the biggest table in the house, especially if you are dealing with a large mirror that you need to pack and move. Put the moving blanket on the table as a base, that will serve as some sort of a cushion. Prepare stacks of packing paper and rolls of bubble wrap. When you are finished with the mirrors you can follow the same routine for moving artwork.

A kitchen table with the ship model on it
Find a designated place in the house for packing a mirror, like a living room or kitchen table

Protect the mirror glass

Here is where the painter’s tape comes onto the stage. Tape the X all over the mirror. This cannot protect the mirror from breaking, but it can help in case worse comes to worst. The tape will keep the mirror fragments in place, preventing shattering and damaging something nearby. You do not need to use the bog X necessarily, you can tape it all over vertically and horizontally in patterns you want. Find a box you will not be needing and cut out a piece of cardboard that will fit the size of the face of the mirror. Put the cardboard onto the mirror and tape it down in bits. This is only the first step in packing the mirrors for the move, with protecting it.

How to pack and move the mirrors?

After you have protected the face of the mirror, you need to start packing. The best technique is the one you would use for packing a present for someone. With the cardboard piece on it, place the mirror in the middle of the stack of packing paper, and start folding inwards, like when you pack a gift. After it is done, wrap the bundle from all sides into a bubble wrap, and make sure no part is left exposed. Now comes the next step, of placing the mirror into the mirror box, that you have prepared previously. A mirror box is actually a strong box made up of four separate pieces of cardboard that interlock together to create a highly customizable outer protective cardboard layer. You can find it in home improvement stores or with local moving companies.

Bubble wrap to help pack and move mirrors
Bubble wrap is an important step you must not miss when packing a mirror

Before you pack and move mirrors, label and test them

In order to test the way you packed, take the bundle and shake it slowly. If you hear or feel some shifting and movement inside, it means it is not secure enough. Feel free to add more padding to it, in case this happens. That should resolve the problem. If everything is fine, then start taping it all over. Be very generous with the tape, as the last thing you want is having the mirrors delivered to your new home, to find out something went wrong because it lacked padding or tape. Grab the black or any dark color permanent marker and label the box. Write Fragile, or Handle with care on all sides, just to be sure the signage will not be missed. If all the above sounds like a big hustle to you, you can always hire professionals to take care of this business for you.

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