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The population of Chicago is growing every day. If you plan on moving there, we congratulate you! Planing when to move can affect the costs of moving, duration of moving, and the time you will spend searching for a moving company. If you are not sure how to choose the best time of year to be planning a move, one of the best moving companies Chicago is here to help you out.

The best time of year to be planning a move?

The best time of the year depends on a few factors. If you are moving to a college dorm, you won’t be moving before September. You are more flexible if you are moving to another city by yourself. However, if you have kids, it’s harder to move during the school year. The quantity of furniture and your financial situation also matters. Therefore, depending on factors, the best moving time is in:

  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer
A couple moving into a house
Choosing the right moving time depends on a few factors.

Moving during spring and fall

The spring is the perfect time to be planning a move. The months of March and August are usually slow for moving companies because most families with kids do not move during the school year. Students rarely move during the spring. One of the advantages of moving during the spring is good weather. It is not that cold- the days are a little longer than in winter. Since there are not many jobs, the price of rent is usually more negotiable. The landlords are more prone to reducing prices or giving better offers since fewer people are moving during colder months.

Moving during late fall is also recommendable. After colleges and schools reopen, the peak of the season finishes Therefore, Chicago area movers usually do not have many hirings during October and November. Days are still not that cold, and nights are chilly. If you hire a moving company during this time, the chance is you will get better service, and many available moving companies offering you great deals. However, since rainy days are common during the spring and fall months, they can interfere with the moving process.

Moving during summer and winter

Most people move during the summer. Summer weather is perfect for moving, especially if you are planning a long-distance move. Since the summer is the peak season for residental movers Chicago, the costs of moving and renting an apartment or home are way higher. For families with kids, summer break is the perfect time for a move. For employed people, it’s the perfect time to relocate, since they can move during the weekend. It’s also easier to store furniture during hotter months since you can store it in your backyard. Moving during the holidays is also very popular, but it is even pricier since there aren’t many available companies and workers.

Moving during winter can seem like a hard thing to do. In reality, people who plan on moving during the winter find the most affordable deals. Usually, Chicago movers cost are low since cold weather discourages many people. If you are planning a short move, moving during winter is the most affordable option. However, if you plan on storing many furniture items, you will have to hire a professional mover for storage. It’s a bit riskier to move during the winter if unexpected snowstorms happen.

A couple negotiating the best time of year to be planning a move
The best time of year to be planning a move is usually late fall.

In conclusion, the best time of year to be planning a move depends on your living situation. However, the best time is usually during the late fall months or early spring. We welcome you to the beautiful city of Chicago, and we wish you a great move!

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