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With more people working remotely, choosing the right location is crucial for productivity. A comfortable, supportive environment can boost your work-from-home experience. If you’re considering moving to Illinois, you’re in luck. The state offers superb suburbs that cater to remote workers’ needs. We’ve handpicked several communities that stand out for their quiet charm, excellent internet service, and local amenities. Stay tuned as we explore each one, giving you insights into the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois.

Why do remote workers choose Illinois?

Remote workers often seek places that balance quality of life with professional opportunities. Illinois, with its diverse range of communities, stands out as a top choice. Here’s why:

  • Cost of living: Compared to coastal cities, Illinois offers a more affordable lifestyle. For instance, housing in suburbs like Naperville or Elmhurst is significantly less than in places like New York or San Francisco.
  • Connectivity: Illinois prides itself on robust internet services statewide. This connectivity is a boon for remote work, where reliable access to high-speed internet is a must.
  • Community and culture: The state is home to vibrant communities that provide a sense of belonging. Towns like Northbrook and Oak Park not only have cultural events and spaces for networking but also quiet neighborhoods ideal for home offices.

But apart from big cities such as Chicago, many remote workers decide to live in one of the suburbs because they offer peace and tranquility. Therefore, if you seek a vibrant city, there is no doubt that you should hire one of the moving companies Chicago and relocate to the Windy City. But if you are seeking a quiet place, continue reading and discover some of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois.

Glenview: A remote worker’s haven

Glenview, Illinois, offers an ideal atmosphere for remote workers seeking tranquility and focus. The serene residential areas promote a quiet work environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you can find a wealth of coworking spaces and cafes, each providing strong WiFi for a productive day. The town also values green spaces, allowing you to step away from the screen and recharge amidst nature. For those drawn to this suburban retreat, Glenview movers offer personalized services to transport your belongings safely. Their expertise ensures your home office setup moves without a hitch, from sensitive equipment to your comfortable work chair. With advanced internet infrastructure, Glenview makes it easy to stay connected with clients and colleagues, affirming its reputation as a sanctuary for remote workers.

A person working in one of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois
There is no doubt that Glenview is one of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois

Mount Prospect: Where convenience meets comfort

Mount Prospect seamlessly combines convenience with the comfort essential for remote workers. Well-connected transport options make travel to the city for occasional meetings stress-free. The local community here is welcoming, providing a supportive network that can be a cornerstone for professional growth. Affordable housing is another highlight, offering a range of options to suit different preferences without compromising on quality. For those who need an occasional change of scenery from the home office, Mount Prospect’s public libraries and community centers serve as quiet, resource-rich workspaces. Therefore, if you feel that this is a place for you, do not hesitate to contact movers Mount Prospect and relocate here easily. They specialize in careful handling and setup of home offices, ensuring your transition is as smooth as the community’s inviting charm.

A person holding dollar bills
Mount Prospect is a great place for remote workers because of its affordability

Des Plaines: Affordable and connected

Des Plaines is a top pick for remote workers looking for affordability without sacrificing connectivity. The cost of living here is gentle on your budget, freeing up funds for other priorities in your life. Internet service providers in Des Plaines offer competitive speed options, ensuring you’re always just a click away from your next video call or file upload. It’s not all work, though; the town hosts various community events that provide perfect opportunities for socializing and networking. This blend of online and in-person connectivity fosters both professional growth and personal fulfillment. When you’re ready to move, a Des Plaines moving company can help you settle in. With their expertise, they’ll handle your belongings carefully, making your transition to this well-rounded suburb as efficient and worry-free as your new home office setup.

Northbrook: Suburban solitude with urban access

As local movers Northbrook IL, can confirm, Northbrook is a peaceful suburb that doesn’t skimp on urban perks. Here, you can enjoy the calm of spacious residential neighborhoods alongside the conveniences typically found in a city. Northbrook takes pride in its technological investments, offering residents high-speed internet that keeps pace with the demands of remote work. This ensures you can manage work tasks efficiently from the comfort of your home. And when it’s time to unplug, Northbrook provides a variety of leisure activities. From golf courses to nature trails, there’s plenty to help you relax and recharge. You can explore Northbrook’s Village Green Park, shop at Northbrook Court, enjoy nature trails at the Skokie Lagoons, or golf at the Heritage Oaks Golf Club. Northbrook will certainly offer you a perfect balance between work and personal life.

A person golfing
In Northbrook, there are a lot of recreational opportunities to help you relax after work

Skokie: Cultural hub for the creative remote worker

Skokie emerges as a cultural hub that inspires the creative remote worker. The local arts and culture scene in Skokie is vibrant, offering a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether it’s galleries, theaters, or live music venues, there’s always something to spark creativity. Diverse dining options are at your fingertips, too, perfect for those meal breaks when you crave something different. From cozy coffee shops to international cuisine, Skokie satisfies all palates. And it’s not just about work; the community provides ample resources for both families and individuals. With excellent schools, parks, and community events, there’s a strong support system in place. If you’re moving to this dynamic suburb, you might find storage units Skokie incredibly useful. Whether you’re downsizing or just need to clear out space for a home office, these facilities offer secure and accessible options to store your belongings as you settle into this creatively charged town.

A woman working in the cafe in one of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois
In Skokie, you will not have to stay at home as many cafes are suitable for remote workers

Lincolnwood: Small-town feel with big-city perks

Lincolnwood offers a unique charm that captures the essence of small-town warmth while providing big-city advantages. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Chicago, making any necessary city visits a breeze. For those who work remotely, Lincolnwood’s local initiatives stand out. The town actively supports remote work through initiatives like improved public Wi-Fi spots and community workshops focused on digital skills. Safety is a hallmark of this suburb, where the community’s well-being is a priority, ensuring a peaceful environment for both living and working. If you plan to set up your remote workspace in Lincolnwood, local movers Lincolnwood IL, can offer personalized moving services. They’re familiar with the area’s nuances, making them invaluable in relocating your belongings securely, from your tech gadgets to your ergonomic office chair, easing your transition into this harmonious community.

Oak Park: One of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois

Oak Park stands out as one of Illinois’ prime suburbs for remote work, blending community, culture, and connectivity. It’s a place where you can wander past historic homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a dose of daily inspiration. The Oak Park Public Library becomes a remote worker’s haven, with quiet desks and fast Wi-Fi, encouraging productivity. For those inevitable moments when you need to recharge, the suburb’s many parks offer a natural retreat. Moreover, the suburb maintains excellent transport links to Chicago, making any necessary commutes straightforward. Year-round, the Oak Park community comes alive with events that offer a perfect chance to step away from the desk and meet neighbors. From enjoying summer jazz concerts to buying local produce at the farmer’s market, these gatherings enrich the remote working experience, ensuring you feel part of a vibrant community while having the space to thrive professionally.

A remote worker using the laptop
Because of the number of networking events, Oak Park is one of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois

Elmhurst: A quiet niche for focused work

Elmhurst serves as a peaceful enclave ideal for concentrated work away from the noise of bigger cities. Its neighborhoods are known for their tranquility and low crime rates, providing a secure environment where you can focus on your tasks without worry. After hours of screen time, you might step out to the numerous parks and recreational facilities available for a jog or a quiet moment in nature, which are great for both exercise and relaxation. Moreover, Elmhurst is keeping up with the times, with new developments aimed at enhancing facilities for remote workers. These include plans for more co-working spaces and community areas designed with digital professionals in mind. This forward-thinking approach means Elmhurst is not just keeping pace with the remote work trend but is actively shaping an environment that fosters productivity and well-being.

Wheaton: A blend of tradition and technology

Wheaton stands out as a community that marries tradition with technology. The historic downtown is not just a nod to the past but a modern hub with amenities that cater to today’s needs. Picture the brick-lined streets housing both quaint boutiques and tech-savvy workspaces. Educational institutions here, like Wheaton College, aren’t only landmarks but also resources for remote workers seeking continuous learning and networking opportunities. Wheaton’s calendar brims with annual events and community gatherings, from the much-anticipated DuPage County Fair to the Wheaton French Market, fostering a sense of community and belonging. These events are more than just leisure activities; they’re networking goldmines for professionals who thrive on connections. This synergy of old and new makes Wheaton not just a place to live but a place to grow professionally and personally.

Naperville: A tech-savvy town for remote professionals

Naperville shines as a beacon for remote professionals prioritizing technology and innovation. The community here puts a strong emphasis on cutting-edge tech, fostering an environment where high-speed internet and smart workspaces are the norm. For those looking to connect with like-minded individuals, Naperville’s tech and business circles offer regular networking events that are perfect for building relationships and staying ahead of industry trends. Additionally, it’s a haven for remote workers with families. The town boasts some of the state’s top schools, ensuring that children have access to quality education while parents work from home. The city’s family-friendly parks and community programs also mean there’s always something enriching to do after the school day ends and work emails quiet down. Naperville offers a dynamic blend where career, community, and family growth go hand in hand.

A woman using the laptop with her son next to her
Because of the great schools, Naperville is a great place for remote workers with children

Pick one of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois

There is no doubt that there are some of the best suburbs for remote work in Illinois that offer remote workers a blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. Whether you seek the quiet neighborhood, the buzz of local cafes, or the solidarity of community-focused events, there’s a suburb that fits the bill. Each location presents its own array of perks, from serene parks perfect for a midday break to libraries and co-working spaces that ensure productivity. Families find support in areas with top-tier schools, while single professionals enjoy the blend of local culture and networking opportunities. With advanced infrastructure to support digital workspaces and a short commute to urban centers if needed, these suburbs cater to the evolving demands of remote work. Making a choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and lifestyle needs, but rest assured, the ideal suburb for a thriving remote work life awaits in Illinois.

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