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The big part about a particular place is the number of events and things that you can do. When we talk about Ilinois, there is no lack of places where you can go and enjoy some good food or good music. This is one of the best states in the country and it is definitely a great thing that you are making this decision. However, if you are already in the process of moving, you first want to take care of the move as best as you can. Make it easier by getting residential movers Chicago by your side, and let them give you the chance to enjoy some of the best annual events in Illinois. Here is what you need to know!

Illinois Renaissance Festival

People often forget about historic events that you can enjoy. The reason is simple, there are not that many of them. However, when moving to illinois, you can enjoy even events like these. If you want to learn more about old England, then this is the place for you. You will have the chance to enjoy taverns, bards, and artisans. Also, you can test your abilities by walking across the rope bridge, or you can try to hit a target by catapulting a balloon. When it comes to important information, here is what you need to know:

  • The address: 10 Oakwood Avenue Danville, IL 61832, USA
  • Price: free
  • Date: August
people in one of the best annual events in Illinois
If you are interested in history, then Illinois Renaissance Festival is for you

Long Grove Chocolate Festival

The town of Long Grove is known for many things. Long Grove Chocolate Festival is the most beautiful event for most people that are coming to Illinois. All the dishes that you are going to see here are chocolate covered. This includes donuts, brownies, fudge, and even fruit. It is practically heaven on Earth for people that love chocolate to be on their menu. When it comes to the important information that you should know, here they are:

  • The Address: 360 Historical Lane, Long Grove, IL 60047
  • Price: $5
  • Date: May

Chicago Blues Festival

We can’t make a complete list of the best annual events in the state of Illinois without mentioning at least one music event. Chicago Blue Festival is one of the most popular music events in this city. Established musicians as well as people who inspire you to be the best come here to give you a good time. The good thing is that this event will not be that soon so you will have more than enough time to organize and plan the entire moving process to Chicago. Always go with the best movers in Chicago so that you could be here on time and come to this great festival. Here is the information about the event itself:

  • The Address: Millennium Park 201 E. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60601
  • Price: Free
  • Date: June
a man having a gig in the club
Enjoy one of the best blues events in Illinois

Enjoy the best annual events in Illinois after having a pleasant moving experience

It is easy to talk about the best events when you are not even in Illinois. If you are just relocating here, then you have more work to do. The process of relocating safely to Illinois or Chicago is not that easy, especially if you are moving from far away. Always look for long distance movers Chicago to help you out because there is no need for you to do everything alone. You want to be in a nice spirit when the time for the events comes. When you do this the right way, you can enjoy the best annual events in Illinois the right way.

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