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Before you move, it is very important to collect and organize essential moving supplies that you need. This will not only improve your whole moving experience but will also keep your goods safe and secure. The supplies you need for relocation are mostly very cheap and easy to find. It is good to prepare in advance, since getting all your supplies as soon as possible leaves you more time to tend to other things. The list of items you will need consists of much more than just a few boxes and tape. Making a detailed checklist of supplies you need for relocation is critical since they help you organize everything much, much easier.

Listing and labeling your boxes ensures a safe move and an easier time unpacking and sorting everything after the move. Making checklists also saves you time and money, because you will know what you are working with.

Some of the most common supplies you need for relocation

The most common supplies needed, and the ones you will see the most, are boxes and bubble wrap. These basic items are more than enough to perform a lot of small moves. In case you have small items to pack or ones that have odd shapes, you can use perforated bubble wrap. Aside from regular boxes, there are customized boxes which are useful for oddly shaped items, good for moving a piano, for example. These are especially good for packing delicate items like fine art and electronics.

Bins, sized boxes, and box reinforcements

Use a wide variety of boxes and wrap items as best as you can to save up space. This vital move helps with preventing damage and makes loading everything into the truck later on. Different sized boxes usually have their common function, and you should follow these guidelines for optimal results. Small boxes, for example, are very good for glassware, spices, kitchen utensils, and trinkets. It is also good to pack books into small boxes instead of big ones.

This way, you avoid a potential problem of handling one giant, heavy box that is hard to lift and move around. Any fragile goods should always go into separate boxes and placed on top of everything else in the truck. It is very important not to stack anything on top of these boxes, as well as not squeezing them between other items.

cardboard boxes leaning against a wall
Boxes of different shapes and sizes are the most important thing in your moving arsenal

Bins and box reinforcements are a good way to enhance this process. Medium-sized boxes are the golden middle since they are suitable for most of your items. Reinforced boxes are great for packing heavy goods into boxes, as they will support the weight better. Shoes, clothes, sports equipment and other miscellaneous can go into moving bins.

Bins stay sealed better because they usually have good lids with clips, and are generally easier to move around because of the handles on their sides. For lighter but bulky items such as blankets, pillows, quilts, and curtains, it is good to use large boxes. This prevents you from packing things too tightly, as delicate fabrics need a bit of room to breathe.

Bubble wrap, protectors, and protective wraps

These are the essential supplies you need for relocation, and should a lot of attention. After you sort and group your possessions based on your checklist, it is time to look into the protective materials you will need for them. Here, we are talking about supplies such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, stretch film, and specialized picture packing kits.

Bubble wrap usually comes in the standard small, medium, and large sizes. With its sealed air pockets, it protects fragile items from breaking by absorbing any bumps and movements during transport. Fine china, dishes, antiques, and electronics should always be packed in bubble wrap. Large bubble wrap should be used to line the insides of your boxes and further isolate them while increasing the security of their contents.

plates on a shelf stacked upward
Plates and glassware should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap

Another great material for isolation is a protective wrap. It is made of shock-absorbing materials and is generally quite cost-effective. Foam wrap is very light and flexible and often made from recycled materials, which is great if you want to go green on your next move. Corner protectors are great during transport, as well as bringing items into the truck itself.

This way, you protect not only the items you are packing, but the house walls and door frames as well, from any scratches or dents that may occur on accident. Given that large furniture will not fit in any regular box and has to go into the truck as-is, it is good to put protectors on it to prevent it from bumping into walls or other boxes in transit.

Other supplies you need for relocation no move can go without

Even though boxes and wrappers are a big part of any moving supply list, none of them reach their true potential without these items. They are the small heroes that do a lot of work and tie all of your supplies into one functional, time-saving entity. Of course, we are talking about:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sharpie markers
  • Box cutters
  • Labels and sticky notes
  • Protective covers

Box cutters and scissors are without a doubt your most reliable tool when packing. How else will you trim and size down all that bubble wrap you plan to use? As far as the tape goes, it is always best to buy more than you need when going supply shopping. It is better to have some extra supplies left over for other purposes than to come out short and make extra shopping trips. Make sure to always use heavy-duty tape for extra security. Masking tape is too flimsy for any sealing work but can be a good replacement for labels in a pinch.

a selection of different supplies you need for relocation
Cutters and tape are the unsung heroes of every successful move

Some examples of good tape include duct tape, shipping tape, and heavy-duty aluminum foil tape. Labeling everything removes the risk of confusion and guessing what belongs where, when unpacking after the move. This is where labels and sharpies come into play. They may seem insignificant but are actually critical supplies you need for relocation with good organization.

All of your boxes and bins can be easily labeled with a sharpie, or color-coded using different colored sticky notes. Lastly, protective covers are a great way to shield your items from dust or elements, in case they need to spend some time in a storage unit between trips.

In conclusion

Organizing your move in advance with checklists and the right supplies you need for relocation makes everything so much easier. Everyone knows moving can be a real hassle and a time-consuming mess, however, with the help of professional, reliable movers, and knowledge of packing supplies, it can be a breeze. We hope this blog helped you gain more experience when it comes to moving preparation and gave you insight on how to set off to your new dream home stress-free.

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