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Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to let your home look like it. Whether your rent an apartment or own a house, there are a few simple tricks to erase the drab winter months and the windy, rainy spring months from memory:

1. Replace your front door mats. You and your neighbors will notice, and it will be a nice aesthetic fix to the neighborhood or the building.

2. Get your bikes ready to ride. Leaving your bikes in storage can case flat tires, dust and cobwebs. Spruce up your bike during a rainstorm so it’s ready to go on the sunniest of days.

3. Get ready to grill! It’s officially barbecue season. Update your grilling tools, be sure your propane tank is full, clean out the cooler from last year’s dust and enjoy nighttime gatherings!

4. Make sure your air conditioning units and fans are all working properly. Nothing is worse than the first unbearably humid day of the season and all you have to cool down with is an old newspaper. Check your units ahead of time so you don’t have to wait at the back of the line for the repairman to come.

5. With the nice weather comes the spirit of adventure. Biking, hiking, running and playing are standard for the next few months, so be sure that your first aid kit is restocked. Get new band-aids, antibiotic cream and pain medicine. Don’t forget the bug spray either, because the mosquitoes are coming for ya!

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