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Whether you’re a gym enthusiast or a senior citizen, moving is a physically draining experience. The only thing that can make matters worse is having large and oddly shaped items, like a piano, lying around your home. The most obvious solution is to place your trust in the services of reputable moving companies Chicago. But if this option isn’t available to you for any reason, rest easy. Take a moment to explore your alternatives for a stress-free piano relocation.

A dark brown piano in front of a window in a sunlit room with laminate flooring
Check out how you can safely transport your musical instrument during the move.

For all you musicians and music lovers on the move, follow these guidelines to ensure a stress-free piano relocation

Packing and moving any musical instrument is a delicate and nerve-wracking process. Nevertheless, we guarantee you a smooth and stress-free piano relocation with our handy guide. Follow these laid-out gems of information to achieve the best results.

You’ll need the appropriate tools

Every moving cycle requires determination, patience, but also certain moving tools. Thus, consider getting the proper moving supplies to make piano moving less frustrating. Pay a visit to your local department store and look for the following items:

  • gloves and shoes that aren’t slippery
  • piano moving straps
  • moving blankets
  • moving dollies
  • and other tools that can secure a stress-free piano relocation

First, you’ll need non-slippery gloves and shoes to prevent losing control while moving your instrument. Moving dollies are perfect for transporting an upright piano. If you’re a proud owner of a grand piano, you’ll need moving boards and moving straps to secure your instrument. You’ll have to cover it with moving blankets to prevent any scratches. Acquiring tools can be costly, but you can always contact a trusted moving company instead.

Piano covered with blankets and strapped to a moving board
Cover your piano with the necessary moving pads and blankets to avoid any damage.

Do some measuring beforehand

Before rolling up your sleeves, consider taking important measurements to set the scene for successful piano transport. This includes measuring the dimensions of your instrument and comparing these measurements to those of your doorways and the measurements of your new space. By doing so, you’re identifying any possible obstacles in advance. If this sounds like too much work, piano movers Chicago can certainly help you there.

Recruit your loved ones to secure a stress-free piano relocation

Packing a belonging so heavy yet delicate is no walk in the park. So, ask your friends and family for assistance.  You’ll need helping hands to conduct such a touchy and back-breaking task. In case some lifting proves unavoidable, try keeping your back straight while doing it, bend only at your knees, and keep your arms close to your body. Additionally, there are a plethora of lifting techniques you can choose from to prevent straining your body.

You’ve seen that valuable but bulky items need special attention. Sometimes, being armed with the necessary information isn’t enough. In that case, it’s never too late to call your local moving company for professional help. You can always count on their affordable and customizable services.

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