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Storing items requires a bit of planning. No matter what you put in storage, it will take a toll on the items. This applies especially to glass cups and bowls, so for storing glass items long-term, extra steps need to be taken. Luckily, we have put together a step by step list which will make sure your glassware is in perfect condition no matter how long you store it. Before you contact professional movers Chicago to move your home, you need to store your goods first. Because of how sensitive glass is, here we will cover everything from collecting and sorting, to packing and stacking. We value your fragiles just as much as you do, and this list will help you do everything right.

colorful plates stacked on top of eachother
Storing glass items requires special attention as they are very fragile

Before storing glass items long-term, make a complete inventory

The goal of this text is to tell you how to store your glass items safely. But before we get into it, what you need to do, is decide what items you want to save and store. It really is not as simple as just tossing everything from your kitchen into a box and adding packing peanuts. The storage cost will depend on the number of items you’re storing, so you’ll need to plan this out. Check how many items you have, and go through them individually. Decide on what you will keep, and what you will get rid of in order to declutter your home. You can either sell or donate the items you decide not to keep. Downsizing your inventory will not only help you pack less, but also pay less, so it’s definitely a smart move.

Gather all of your glass items and prepare the packing materials

The most important thing when storing glass items long-term is how they are packed. If you use materials that are not completely safe, you run into a high risk of damage. If you thought getting a few cardboard boxes and some newspapers for the job, think again. When it comes to using the best of what storage Skokie services can offer, you need only the best packing materials. Not only will good packing materials protect your glassware from damage, but it will also protect it from the conditions inside the storage unit. These are the items you will need for a quality packing experience:

Supplies for storing glass items long-term
Good packing supplies will protect your items from moisture and damage
  • Durable, double-layer cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper or newspapers
  • Bubblewrap and packing peanuts
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Stickers and labels

Make sure that the cardboard boxes are not overused or weak, as they can easily tear or develop mold. You can either buy brand new cardboard boxes with corrugated sides, or you can try getting them for free. Many grocery stores will be more than happy to give you their used boxes. You will save some money, and the store won’t have to do extra recycling, so everyone profits.

Thoroughly wash and dry everything before storing glass items long-term

One important thing which you should keep in mind when storing glass items long-term is that you can’t store dirty or moist items. Given the fact that your items will sit in boxes for long periods of time, if they are moist, they will surely be moldy when you pull them out. If you store dirty glassware, the grime will settle over time. This will make your glasses even dirtier, and impossible to clean. So before you begin wrapping, make sure you thoroughly wash and dry every glass item in your cupboard, shelf, and drawer. To make sure everything is properly dried, do the washing at least 24 hours before the packing. Wrap your glassware in durable packing paper that will absorb extra moisture. This way, you will know that everything you stored is in good condition and as clean as it can be.

Prepare the boxes for packing, and start wrapping the glass

There is a bit more to assembling a storage box than just folding a few flaps and creases. To make sure they can serve their purpose as glass protectors for storage and transit, they need to be assembled the right way. If you don’t have time for all of this, you can opt-out for reliable packing services, tho doing it yourself can be fun too. To prepare your box the right way, start by lining every box with a good layer of bubble wrap or wrapping plastic. This will provide good padding for the glass items and prevent them from sliding around. Reinforce the bottom and sides of the box next with packing tape, this will make the box sturdy and prevent it from collapsing in on itself.

glass on a counter top
Carefully wrap every glass and make sure to fill the hollow part with newspapers

To wrap your glassware, you need to follow a separate procedure. To be the most effective, you should do this on a flat, clear surface, so arrange one in your home. Lay down a sheet of bubble wrap or wrapping plastic over it. Just like when you lined the box with it, it will prevent slips and damage. Take your glass or bowl and stuff the hollow part with newspapers to absorb any residual moisture. Next, take your glass or mug and carefully wrap plastic or bubble wrap around it. Any thin and vulnerable parts like handles and stems should get a little extra attention with the bubble wrap. Once you’ve packed everything, use packing tape to secure the bundle together.

When storing glass items long-term, be careful with the packing

When the time comes to place all of your delicate dishes into storage, you will first have to pack them into the boxes you prepared earlier. Very fragile items such as wine glasses and flutes should be separated by cardboard cutouts to prevent contact and bumps. Larger and sturdier items, like tumblers and mugs, can be stacked into each other, by placing smaller items into larger ones. For long-lasting storage, use durable plastic moving bins. Once the box is full, fill up any empty space with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This prevents movement inside the box, which means your items won’t bump against each other and break. Be careful not to overfill the boxes, as they might break and your items will spill all over the floor. Once you go through all these steps, you’re ready for storing glass items long-term like a champion!

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