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When storing your items during summer, heat and humidity are your greatest enemies. Rent a climate-controlled unit to keep your items safe during summer. You can find cheap rental units at Chicago moving and storage. If you do not rent a climate-controlled unit, be very careful of what you store. Hazardous and flammable materials should not be stored. Temperature-sensitive equipment, like electronics, should be stored very carefully. For other items, like clothes and toys, it does not matter where you store them. It is only important that they do not cause clutter and you can unpack them easily when you decide to.

Good Organization Will Keep Your Items Safe

When storing items during summer you should think about:

  • How to keep your items safe
  • How much will it cost you
  • What you are storing
  • Are you storing any dangerous materials

If you are constantly rummaging through your storage, you could easily damage your items. Put items you know you will not use in separate boxes. In case of an accident, it will be easier to move your stuff if they are properly labeled and organized into boxes. It will also take less time to unpack come winter, and you may save money on storage space by renting a smaller unit.

Keep your items safe during summer.
Save money for your summer holidays by renting a smaller unit.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

The best option to keep your items safe during summer is to get a climate-controlled unit. They will cost more, but are worth the investment. A climate-controlled unit will allow you to store furniture, artwork, and electronics safely during summer. Take note that you should remove the batteries from any electronics you are storing. Summers can be humid, and climate-controlled units help with that. Nothing can damage your winter clothes faster than excess humidity. While you can store plants in a climate-unit, it is not advisable. You will still need to water them, and evaporation can cause humidity in the air. Consequently, it is best to avoid storing plants.

Electronics in a storage unit.
Take out the batteries to keep your items safe during summer.

What You Should Not Store

You should avoid storing liquids in your storage units. Flammable liquids like gasoline and liquids that can cause noxious vapor are out of the question. Not only can you cause yourself unnecessary financial damage, but it is also possibly illegal. Even storing water can cause you problems. The high summer temperatures will cause the water to evaporate. This will make your storage unit the perfect place for the development of mold and mildew. Do you really want to damage your winter clothes because you wanted to keep 10 gallons of water? Throw it out, and keep your items safe.

Similarly, you should not store any perishables, like food. Even if you own a climate-controlled unit, it will not be enough to stop your food from spoiling. Rotten food will cause the development of harmful bacteria that will be spread around your whole unit. This can be a health hazard, and you may need to dispose of your other items as a consequence. At best, everything will smell terrible, and you will need to perform a deep cleaning. Save yourself time and money, and don’t store food during the summer. Ask movers in your area, like storage Skokie, which items can be stored safely during summer.

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