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Storage units are a handy tool you can use to expand the capacity of your home. They are very flexible also, and we can use them in different situations. You can even start a business in a storage unit! But as affordable as they are, starting at $70 a month, they can also make you waste money if you don’t use them properly. If it is your first time thinking about trying the services offered by some Chicago moving and storage companies, then you might have a few questions. Even though renting storage is straightforward, these are some storage mistakes that are costing you money.

What are some storage mistakes that are costing you money?

If you are doing some of these mistakes, you won’t pay more, but you will waste the space that you already have, or you won’t be using it to its maximum potential. The majority of storage units Skokie might be affordable, but you need to maximize the amount of convenience you get for your dollar. Some storage mistakes that are costing you money are:

  • Not packing with a plan
  • Wasting space
  • Not paying attention to the requirement of some items
Picture of a man realizing the storage mistakes that are costing you money
Not using the storage unit to its maximum potential will cost you money

Start packing without a plan

No matter if you are packing for a storage unit or a move with some movers Skokie, you will benefit from a plan. It will guide you from the very beginning when you are just deciding what to put up for storage. It will lead you to the right path, up to the point when you need to pack items into your unit. Then it is important to pack with access in mind. If you pack winter clothes in the far back of the unit, and you will need them in one month, this is packing without a plan. You need to take out everything else just to get to those. Put the items that you know you will need in front, or leave an open path between the boxes for easier access.

Wasting space

The term wasting space can mean many things, but we have two particular situations in mind. First, putting furniture pieces up for storage without disassembling them. A bed will take up a lot of space, but when disassembled it will take up only a fraction of the space. Second, not using the vertical space you have, aka. the walls. You can use them by putting up shelves high up on the walls so that you can still pack items on the floor under them.

Not considering the storage requirements of some items

Some items do well in any type of storage. They don’t mind humidity, temperature fluctuations, and dust. The majority of items are like these, but there is also the other type – the fragile items. Anything that is an electronic device, or made out of wood or fragile textile can easily be damaged by all of the above. These are the items that will get ruined if you put them in a regular unit instead of climate-controlled storage.

Picture of a wrapped furniture piece
One of the storage mistakes that are costing you money is not renting the right storage unit

The storage mistakes that are costing you money won’t cost much upfront, but with time, month after month, you will be wasting money. Instead of doing this, declutter first, and then rent a storage unit of the appropriate size. Renting a cramped space will cost less, but you will for sure end up damaging some items. So, before making any abrupt decision, get a moving estimate Chicago, and ask your preferred movers about storage recommendations as well.

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