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We all know how simple home relocation can be stressful for all family members.  Things are getting even more complicated when you need to relocate your Chicago office. It doesn’t matter if your company is a start-up or it’s a big corporation, moving can be challenging both, for you and your coworkers. Surely, you want to have a smooth relocation, and we can suggest you find affordable movers Chicago, professionals can always help you to prepare for such a big move like relocation is. So we present you with easy steps to follow when moving the office to Chicago.

Prepare everything for moving

Well, moving is a big step, and all members of your team need to be informed of every move. First, you will need a plan of relocating, and a few more things on the moving list for a successful relocation. Here is the list of steps to follow when moving office in Chicago :

people making a plan
It’s always important to have a plan of moving. Especially when moving your office in Chicago
  1. Make a plan for relocating
  2. Prepare your colleagues 
  3. Choose who is the coordinator 
  4. Set the Budget 
  5. Make a checklist
  6. Choose the right moving company 

The first step to follow when moving office in Chicago – Make a plan for relocating

The first step is to make a plan for moving. You can schedule a meeting to discuss planning a moving process. If you already know the location of your new office, you can also discuss how it will gonna look, or you can make a plan for the packing and unpacking process. It’s best option to start planning as soon as you can. The planning process can take up to two years when it comes to moving the office of one big corporation company. Here you can find more examples of things to discuss during the meeting about relocation:

  • Outline important tasks
  • Who will be in charge
  • Deadlines and tasks

Step two – Prepare your colleagues

colleagues discussing about moving office in Chicago
Your employees should know things such as the new location of the office, or new shift time

Step two is to inform everyone about relocation. Your employees should know things such as the new location of the office, or new shift time. Even if you have a moving company come in to take care of the large things, having everyone accountable for their own work area will be a huge assistance. Give your team advance notice of when they must have their workstations prepared for relocation. In this way, you can involve your employees in the moving process, and that can be a big plus for your company and work atmosphere.

Choose the coordinator when  moving office in Chicago- Step Three

One individual should be designated as the office moving coordinator. This individual will be responsible for managing every part of the relocation, so choose someone who has excellent organizational skills, the power to promote your firm, and certainty talents to handle everything in the last choices that come with relocating. This is extremely important for you and your moving process, so choose well.

Besides coordinators from your company, you can also hire a professional moving manager, they know how to do their job best. Still, if you need more help with relocating process, Des Plaines movers can help you out so don’t hesitate.

Step Four – Set the budget

calculator pen and papers on the table
The timeline and budget are crucial things when it comes to moving office in Chicago

When you are moving office in Chicago, there are two things you always need to know. Timeline and budget. You can easily calculate the estimated budget with some of the apps, or you can calculate it with your moving company. The budget will depend based on a few factors such as the location of your new office, or how big the office is.

Calculate every extra cost you might think of, from any additional payments you’ll have to pay your employees to any charges your new office complex may charge for relocating after hours. It’ll be beneficial in the long term. Moving coverage should be included in your move budget in case anything is lost or destroyed all along the way.

Always make a checklist when moving office – Step Five

It doesn’t matter if you are moving your household or your office, a moving checklist or inventory list is the best thing you can make when moving office in Chicago. Whether you’re moving residences or office buildings, it’s always a good opportunity to take inventory of how much you possess and donate any stuff you don’t need to a charitable organization, such as that  DVD collection you gave to a coworker.

When it comes to shifting workplaces, there are hundreds of different objects to keep track of. Divide your checklist into groups and structure parts. Assemble a team to assist you in determining what needs to be relocated.

Step Six – Choose the right moving company

Choosing the right moving company is the last but not least step when moving office in Chicago… This is a crucial decision, and your office relocation may depend on it. Our recommendation is to always check out at least four moving companies before you choose the right one. You can also ask for some recommendations from family or friends, try to research a little on the internet, or find quotes that can help you to choose the right one for you.

If you have the funds, consider hiring a full-service moving company, which will handle all of your packing as well as packing, unloading, and unpacking. You will want to hire professionals that are proven in office relocations, so you can ask around for recommendations just for movers with experience in office relocations.

You can check out movers Lincolnwood, they are professionals in their work and they can help you with your office relocation as well as household or any other relocation. Don’t hesitate to contact them!

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