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So you have finally made a decision to get away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. You want some peace and quiet for your family. If you are thinking of moving to Des Plaines, IL, you won’t make a mistake. Oh, have you already found a new house or apartment there? That’s great news to hear! Now, the only thing you need to find is a reputable Des Plaines moving company and all the doubts will disappear. We are here to help you with our ultimate step-by-step guide and resolve all your queries.

How to hire a mover for moving to Des Plaines, IL?

If you are moving within the borders of one state, the best way is to hire some local movers. For instance, Golan’s Moving and Storage specializes in all types of relocation services in Illinois. Therefore, if you are relocating from Chicago to Des Plaines, you should definitely choose this company. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you need. Our customer service will provide you with detailed and quick responses

A couple taking photos in a new house
If you find and hire a reputable moving and storage company, you will not have to worry. You can easily chill and relax.

What is more, our company can assist you with long-distance moves. Our agents will provide you with accurate estimates. And the movers will take care of your belongings while packing, truck-loading, transporting, etc.

Before relocating to Des Plaines, learn about it

In case you don’t know much about this city, you should definitely remember the following key facts:

  • Des Plaines is located in Cook County.
  • According to the 2010 census, there were around 58k citizens. 
  • The city is situated 17 miles northwest of Chicago downtown.
  • It is very close to one of the busiest airports in the USA, called O’Hare.
  • It is named after the Des Plaines River.
  • The river flows through the city, just east of the downtown.
  • Moving to Des Plaines, IL is good for both families and individuals.
  • Des Plaines was home of the first Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s restaurant.
  • The temperatures vary from mild to cold. 

Start decluttering and packing on time

When you find a new home and hire a reputable moving company, you should immediately start thinking of all the stuff you have. If you want to move to Des Plaines, it can be rather expensive. The fewer things you have, the less the relocation will cost. When you are moving from Chicago to other parts of the state, you want to have a simple relocation, so decluttering is your best chance. But how can you lower the volume of your possessions?

There is a good old way to declutter. It is very practical and has only four steps. It is based on what you really need. To be more precise, there will be four piles of your stuff:

  1. Throw away all the damaged and broken things. If they can’t be repaired, why would you bother keeping them?
  2. Try selling the items you don’t use anymore. These items should be in good condition. Also, if your old sofa doesn’t fit the new living room, get rid of it by selling it. That way, you can learn some money. 
  3. If your friends or family members want some of the stuff you don’t need, give it away to them. Or contact some charities and local organizations. They might need it as well. 
  4. Finally, you will end up with the pile for keeping. Thus, you will save the money necessary for relocating to Des Plaines. You will pay less because you won’t have to move everything from your old home. 
A child hiding in a box
When packing your stuff, it is very important not to mix things up. Put everything in safe packaging. Invest in you packing supplies and materials.

Once you declutter, you will be ready for packing. Needless to say, organizing the packing process will be much easier with fewer belongings. So, find some good moving boxes and packing supplies. Pack everything safely.

Choosing storage when moving to Des Plaines, IL

Your new home isn’t completely ready. Some more things have to be done before loading it with the furniture. Therefore, storage is one of the best options. After you move to Des Plaines, some of your belongings can wait a bit in a safe place. It is good to know that most movers can offer storage services as well. 

Go through the following tips for storage renting carefully:

  • The storage unit must have an excellent security system. 
  • It should be temperature-controlled and without moisture.
  • Your unit ought to have easy access. 
  • You should think about organizing your storage unit to maximize the space.
  • Pack your stuff in a safe way to avoid dust from falling on them inside the unit.

The benefits of relocating to Des Plaines

To begin with, this city is close to Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. Such proximity makes it popular for businessmen. After relocating to Des Plaines, they can use the city’s public transport and easily commute to Chicago. And the fact that the airport is near can only be an advantage to people going on business trips very often. 

Chicago buildings and river
Do you have a business in Chicago? Or do you just want to have fun there? The good news is that Chicago is only 17 miles far from Des Plaines.

Furthermore, this city is less expensive than Chicago. For that reason, many families and single young adults choose to move to Des Plaines. It has all the features of one urban area — schools, libraries, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. 

Finally, even if you don’t want to be in touch with Chicago, you can certainly choose Des Plaines. Although these cities are close to each other, they are completely independent. There are numerous employment opportunities in Des Plaines, so you can work and live well there. 

What to do after the relocation?

The answer is simple. Meet the city and neighbors. Immerse yourself in walking and exploring the beauties of this city. Besides, throwing a housewarming party after moving to Des Plaines, IL is a fantastic idea. That’s an ideal opportunity to meet new people and show how friendly you are. Most people are kind in such instances and will be glad to help you in the beginning. 

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