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You have already packed up your stuff into boxes. You went through all the logistics of the move and planned out exactly when and how you’re going to go to your new home. The best moving services Chicago are already in your team, ready for the moving day. All that’s left is for you to sell your old home! This can be an emotional process. After all, this might be the house you grew up in! Yet again, you might be a future real estate agent and you just want to learn all you can about staging a home for sale. Whatever the reason, this article will teach you the basics that you need to know!

Clean up your home

It should go without saying, but cleaning up your home is the first important step to staging it. This is not to say that your home was inherently messy – but, when getting precise moving quotes Chicago, you would have to show everything to the estimator, and this sometimes requires pulling things out of cupboards. What’s more, you might already have moving boxes lying around, littering, and cluttering the space.

a vacuum cleaner
Clean everything!

What buyers are usually looking for is homes that look spotless. A messy one will push people away, so make sure you brush, vacuum, and wipe everything in your home before the buyers arrive. Think of it as staging an art exhibition – you are, after all, selling a piece of art – your home! Always keep in mind that people will want to see everything, so make sure everything is clean before moving on!

Decluttering is a big part of staging a home for sale

A thing that’s connected to cleaning, decluttering is also often necessary if you want to sell your home. There are many negatives sides to clutter. First, it will distract the buyers. You want to spotlight only the best parts of the room – and you can do that with smartly placed items. This is not what clutter is, however.

Secondly, it makes the space seem smaller. When staging a home for sale, you want to make it seem like it’s bigger than it actually is. This way, your buyers will believe the costs are low even when they are average. It’s a little trick, but it’s quite useful!

Define all your rooms before you present them

This might seem like an odd one, but when staging a home for sale, it’s important that each room has a function. This function, however, needs to be singular. After all, you are selling the prospective buyers a vision of their perfect future life. A life where they will have a kitchen, dining room, living room – all in different rooms!

a kitchen and dining combo
Sell people the dream!

And what if a lot of us eat dinner in front of the TV? Having a dining room gives us a possibility not to do this – and this is an important thing to try and sell! This also further the “illusion” of the size of the home. Basically, you are maximizing the square footage by using every inch – and buyers love that!

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