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Organizing a move to Glenview is not an easy task. It includes many different activities such as finding Glenview movers and packing your belongings. It can be particularly challenging when downsizing since you need to get rid of some belongings. Also, you will need some space-saving hacks for your Glenview apartment. Read on and find out how to ensure a smooth move and organize a small apartment.

Plan your relocation carefully

Planning a move takes time and effort. You need to make a list of your activities weeks before the moving day. Research Chicago moving and storage services and find a company that can meet all your needs. Reliable movers will transport your things safely to your new home. Also, they can help you pack, find a local storage unit, etc. Check specialized moving websites where you can find companies’ ratings and reviews.

In addition, start organizing your belongings well in advance. Get rid of things you no longer need or use. That includes clothes that don’t fit you anymore, old kids’ toys, magazines, etc. The cost of your relocation depends on the size of it. So there is no need to transport items that won’t fit into your new Glenview apartment.

Vintage apartment
Think vertically and put shelves on your walls to exploit the space

Best space-saving hacks for your Glenview apartment

Small apartments can be a challenge, but it is important to understand how to maximize the space. In order to make it functional, you need some space-saving hacks for your Glenview apartment and some creativity. Until you find a space for all your items, you can keep things in storage facilities.

Multi-purpose furniture is one of the best space-saving ideas. These are items that transform into something else. There are many transformable furniture pieces, from queen-sized beds hidden in writing desks to a foldable kitchen.

Woman assembling coffee table
Use furniture that can provide extra storage space, such as multi-level coffee table

The most important thing that a small space needs are extra storage space. Use your floor space for everyday living and place your shelves in unused corners and on walls. Exploit the space between the tops of furniture and ceiling. Use hanging or high-mounted elements and your room will feel higher. Also, your furniture can be used for storage. For example, a multi-tiered coffee table can provide additional space for books and magazines. Storage benches are also a great solution. You can place them next to a window, put a cushion on top, and cubbies below can be used for books, toys, games.

Few designer tricks for small rooms

Spall spaces can be difficult to design and decorate because sometimes they can feel cramped. However, some paint and creativity can go a long way. Use mirrors to make your space feel larger and lighter. Add textures but stick to calm, soft tones which will make your rooms look bigger and more inviting. Decorating your new home is very exciting. In addition, there are many family fun activities in Glenview to enjoy during the break.

Remember that personalizing your space and adjusting it to your lifestyle is the most important designer trick. We wish you a safe relocation.

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