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The number one rule or advice for moving a closet is to always empty it first. However, there are a few ways to use empty closets and cabinets during the move. Whenever you are moving, you are trying to find smart ways or tricks to save some space and time, both in transport and for unpacking. If you hire professional movers Chicago, they will do it for you. But, sometimes general rules cannot apply always and for everything. If you can’t disassemble your closets, you can make the best of the situation. Use them for something else.

Transporting your closets and cabinets

The first thing to do when you are moving closets is to clear out all clothes. No matter if you will disassemble the closet or not, you need to empty it. While you are packing your clothes, you can try to organize a packing process. If you pack smartly, you will unpack easily and with less stress.

sitting in a closet and thinking about the ways to use empty closets and cabinets
First you need to empty a closet

The best way to move a closet or wardrobe is to disassemble it, once it is empty. You will need some basic tools for that. If you have a standard closet, you will firstly unscrew all nobs and other smaller pieces. If you have a pole for hangers, it is safer to take it off. Because transportation can be bumpy, it is better to secure it outside the closet. Drawers should stay in their place. Many people take them out, thinking it is safer that way.  But, it is better to secure them so they don’t fall out. Tape them or wrap them to stay in the place.

Best ways to use empty closets and cabinets

If you aren’t able to disassemble your furniture, you can transport it anyways. When you clear it out, you will get more storage space during transport.

Pack art and paintings inside empty closets

For example, you can take off the doors with handles and pack them separately. Everything should be wrapped and secured for transport. If you have large paintings you haven’t packed in boxes, you can store them here. Make sure that you stack them upright. Place some old towels or moving blankets between them, so they can’t move during the transport. If you are moving long distances, it is best to have your long distance movers Chicago load everything onto the truck. They have the experience to secure everything properly, and it is best to let them do it.

stack of art
You can use our empty closet for keeping art safe

Store moving boxes inside

Why waste an empty space? Especially when you need as much space as you can get inside the transport vehicle. In case you fill overwhelmed, you can check if your movers offer packing services and check for Chicago movers cost for everything.

Need more ways to use empty closets and cabinets? Fill them with packed moving boxes. Make sure that you pack boxes inside closets and cabinets so they can’t move around. Think about it as a game of Tetris. You will save twice more space with everything packed inside the closets and cabinets.

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