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When you move, you make many important decisions. Whether and how to leave your current home, friends, and family. Where to move, as well as with whose help. Of course, if you are moving with the help of some of the best moving companies when it comes to moving, then at least you don’t have to worry about that. They will do it for you. What the relocation agency can’t decide for you is the dilemma of where to move? You have to make the final decision yourselfSkokie vs Des Plaines! Let’s see the pros and cons of these places in Illinois!

How to choose the best place for life?

First of all, how do you decide if a place is ideal for you? The most important thing is to know the main reason for moving – work, school, family or something else. Once you understand that, you may know right away where to go. But if you still don’t know, think about the factors you have to be when it comes to a new home. Is it important for you to have a smaller or larger place, or is it more important for you to save, and you will choose where it is more convenient for your pocket?

Also, think about whether it’s important to you to have public transportation or you’re going to move by car so it doesn’t matter to you. Also, if you have children, consider the best place for young parents. Speaking of children, if you have school children or you are a student, it will certainly be important to you how many schools/colleges are in the area and how good they are. These are just some of the guidelines to follow when choosing between several places for future life.

Skokie vs Des Plaines – in general

First of all, it is very important that your move goes well, and you schedule an assessment of your move-in time at Des Plaines movers, so that you can be carefree. These two places are located in Illinois, and both are quite similar in size – about 60 thousand inhabitants. With the fact that Des Plaines is a slightly larger city when it comes to the area. They are only 20 miles away, or about a twenty-minute drive. These two places are located in Illinois, and both are quite similar in size – about 60 thousand inhabitants.

Chicago theatre signage
Life in Chicago is great!

With the fact that Des Plaines is a slightly larger city when it comes to the area. They are only 20 miles away from each other, or about a twenty-minute drive. Both Skokie and Des Plaines are villages located in Cook county, northeastern Illinois, U.S. Skokie is a suburb of Chicago, and it is located 16 miles (26 km) north of downtown. Des Plaines, on the other hand, is lying on the Des Plaines River and is also a Chicago suburb but 17 miles (27 km) northwest of downtown.

Financial review – Skokie vs Des Plaines?

Skokie is generally about 6% more expensive than Des Plaines. When it comes to buying apartments, as much as 18% will be a more expensive home in Skokie. Utilities, transportation, and health are of similar prices. The average rent for an apartment in Skokie is $ 1,634 and the average rent for an apartment in Des Plaines City is $ 1,480. If you only look at the financial aspect, compared to Skokie, Des Plaines is definitely better.

What is Skokie like?

The Village of Skokie has been named as one of America’s top 100 best places to live. This village was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court dealing with freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. This place is a very friendly community with an abundance of resources. There are eight great schools and even four colleges! Great if you have children or continue to educate yourself. Also, it is known for being the best public library that has regular events like parties and literary evenings.

Two men discuss about Skokie vs. Des Plaines
Talk with your people about these places!

When it comes to enjoyment, don’t worry, Skokie has several shops and restaurants in the downtown area, quiet neighborhoods, and plenty of parks and activity centers. You won’t be bored, for sure! If you like the above, why wait? Call moving companies in Skokie IL and schedule your move on time!

Why choose Des Plaines?

When we compare Des Plaines and Skokie, we cannot avoid the fact that Des Plaines is also one of the best places to live in Illinois. In Des Plaines there are a lot of restaurants – the most popular is McDonald’s. This village was the site of Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s franchise, which opened in 1955.

The most wanted jobs in this place are in the field of human resources, logistics planner, customer service, help desk analyst, engineering manager, graphic designer/layout, etc. The public schools in Des Plaines have a goiod rating. There is:

  • eighteen primary schools,
  • six secondary schools,
  • two public colleges
  • four private colleges
Boy and girl sitting in front of college
Skokie and Des Plaines have plenty of great schools!

No matter what age your child is, you will be able to choose the school they will go to. At the same time, all schools are really appreciated and highly rated when it comes to success.

The Skokie vs Des Plaines debate is very uncertain. Both places provide peace of a small village but also the hustle and bustle of the city. Financially, there is very little difference, as well as spatially and in terms of population. It’s up to you to fall in love with one of these two places and start calling it your home! You will have lots of fun in both of them, and they are both beautiful to live in. Have a nice trip!

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