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Lots of people forget about the fact of how many toys their kids have. We are used to storing old toys away in the garage, cellar, or attic. But when the time comes to move house, it becomes a shock to discover the number of such things. Fortunately, there are moving companies, like Golan’s Moving and Storage, to help you with everything. Whether you are packing toys for a move or transporting the piano, they can provide you with such services. If you want to prepare the stuff for moving by yourself, we hope these tips will be of use. 

Sorting out before packing toys for a move

You will realize that putting all the toys in your moving boxes is a terrible idea. First, some toys are useless as your kids have overgrown them. Second, moving toys without sorting them out means an increase in the volume and weight of the load to be transported. Third, they will occupy more space in some storage Skokie movers give for rent. As a result, you will pay more for something that you don’t need. 

A clown toy
Instead of throwing away the toys, you do not need, try giving them away and make other kids happy.

In order to declutter, you can make three different piles:

  1. Toys for moving should be those that your kids still use and especially those they love. Don’t forget to pack some of their favorite toys into your essentials box. That way the kids will feel more comfortable in a stressful period of moving house.
  2. Irreparable and broken toys should be thrown out. There is no point in keeping them anymore. If you give one of them to your children, they might hurt themselves with the broken plastic toy. Besides, try recycling as many of them as you can. 
  3. The last pile doesn’t require packing toys for a move. However, you should pack them in order to give them away or donate some of them. Those are the toys that your kids have overgrown and that are not suitable for their age anymore. Millions of other children around the country and the world need them. 

Involving kids in preparing toys for a move

Although you should know which toys you kids use or not, it is always a good idea to involve the youngest members of your family in a decision-making process. If you allow your kids to join you while preparing toys for a move, they will feel like doing something very important. Even though it will be hard for them to part with some old toys, it is a good process of learning. You can teach them to tidy up regularly, go through their belongings from time to time, and invest in charity. 

Your kids should also watch you do a similar thing with your belongings. Or they can take a look at packing services Chicago movers provide their customers with. That way, they will be certain it’s not only the number of their toys that has to be reduced. Therefore, they will regard sorting out and packing toys for a move as a fair activity. 

Moving toys in quality boxes

First things first, you should have enough packing supplies. Make sure to estimate how many moving boxes Chicago movers have to give so that you don’t have problems. Also, mind the size of the boxes while packing toys for a move to another place. If they are too big, they can easily break because of the weight and volume of your toys. But they mustn’t be too small either. 

A man, woman and girl packing toys for a move
All family can participate in packing those toys. It can be a really amusing thing to do.

Furthermore, you must secure the boxes well. Use various types of tape to fix them so that they can’t open easily. Apart from the boxes, moving toys requires securing those fragile toys by using blankets, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. Such are porcelain dolls or vintage toys. As you know, transporting items in a truck can de detrimental to them. So don’t risk breaking or damaging your children’s toys. 

Packing toys for a move in bags

Not all your toys have to be stuffed inside the moving boxes. Some of them, especially the soft ones, can be packed in large plastic bags. If you are packing toys for a move using bags, be aware that rain or temperatures can damage those toys.

What is more, you can use smaller sealable bags to pack tiny parts and toys that can be lost easily. Make sure to close the bag safely so that the stuff doesn’t come out of it. Don’t place heavier items on them. Rather put them on top of the boxes with heavier toys. 

Mark and label every box

Once you finish sorting out and decluttering, it is worth making a moving toys list. That paper will consist of the main information where each toy is. While preparing toys for a move, you can write down the numbers that the moving boxes have. Use different markers and tags for packing to make notes on the boxes and bags. That is the easiest way to find the wanted toy later when you start unpacking. 

Small animal toys
Do not lose tiny toys during the move or in storage. Pack them well and safely.

Mind the storage while preparing toys for a move

It is essential that you use packing supplies of good quality especially if you are going to store your kids’ toys in some storage. Many toys do not support moisture or humidity. Packing them just in a bag and placing them in bad storage, some of them become damaged and lose their main features. So choose a unit where temperatures can be controlled. 

Not a big deal at all

At first, it might seem that sorting out all those toys is too time-consuming. However, you will be grateful once you finish it. Though packing toys for a move can cause a few organizational problems, it is not something impossible. It might end up as an entertaining activity for both you and your kids. 

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