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Whether or not you should trust online moving reviews is a big dilemma. There are some really good moving reviews that will help you out, but there are also moving reviews that will lead you to the wrong moving company. In fact, there is a thin line between good and bad moving reviews. The same can be said for trustworthy and untrustworthy moving reviews as well. Some are good, others are bad. However, how do you distinguish between these two? Do you read some moving reviews and then randomly decide which ones to trust? No, there are some tactics you can use to make this easier for you. Even more, our team in Golan’s Moving and Storage has decided to help you out. So, if you end up following our guide, you will learn the difference between these two. Let us begin with our guide then!

When should you trust online moving reviews?

Some moving companies are simply better than others. You can see that in many different ways. For starters, they have good moving reviews and their public voice is also good and people love them. Even more, you have heard about them and you know that they are a good moving company. So, if you happen across a moving company that is familiar to you, you can trust the moving reviews. However, it is not that simple if you are not familiar with a moving company. So, here is when you should trust the reviews:

  • When you see differences between the reviews. Most fraudulent moving reviews are written by the same person and in the same style. So, if you see variety, chances are that they are actually good. You can find the finest moving services Chicago offers if you read good reviews, remember this. So, make sure that you find some really good ones.
  • When you see full details on the moving company’s website. The good moving companies need not hide from anyone. This being said, they will have full details on their webpage. Most fraudulent moving companies make websites and provide as little information as possible. However, good moving companies have a full list of services, as well as a precise location. Think about this one before you hire a moving company.
  • Your friends will know about it. As we said before, people know good moving companies. So, chances are that you will find a good moving company based on their reputation. It can be in NYC for all that matters, but you will know about it from your friends.

What else should you know?

Good moving companies are expert and professional. However, even the professionals make an occasional mistake every now and then. So, not all clients will be happy with the service the moving company has provided. In other words, you can recognize a good moving company by some bad reviews. For starters, a fraudulent moving company will only leave good fake comments. They would think that there is no use in faking bad reviews. Their goal is only to scam people and take their money, so they would not resort to honesty in any way. This will be one of the rare things you can use against them and find a good moving company that way.

A woman thinking
Think about which reviews you can trust

When NOT to trust online moving reviews

There will be times when you should not trust online moving reviews. If you happen across a bad moving company and you end up trusting them, you might lose more than your belongings. Some fraudulent movers will rob you of everything you have valuable and this is not a joke. Even more, before you can react, you will lose all your items and your money as well. So, there are some things you should learn before you allow a moving company such as this one to influence your relocation. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Call a moving company in question and compare what they say with their comments and website. Some professional scammers will know how to respond to every question, but this is only one of the ways to see if you are dealing with a good moving company. Try looking for a moving company that has been around for quite a few years and make sure that you have proof of that. However, this will not be fair towards honest new moving companies. So, giving a call to their representative can help you see what you are dealing with in any case.
  • Try to find reviews that are repetitive. Usually, fake moving reviews are written by one person and you can spot their writing style. If there are too many repetitive things, chances are that you are reading fake reviews. Of course, you will not read only one review when finding a moving company for moving to Skokie for college – you will look several moving companies up. So, make sure that you can distinguish between some really bad ones and some really good ones. You can do this by making a comparison between the comments.
A man in front of his PC
Making a decision is not easy

More information and final thoughts about this one

The goal is to find some moving reviews you can trust. So, a good idea would be to read everything thoroughly and see if the descriptions match the service provided. Usually, people leave honest comments about a moving company. However, you can recognize when a comment is a good one by reading it thoroughly. In case the same person posted multiple comments, chances are that the reviews are fake. After all, no one relocates that often so that they can write multiple moving reviews in a short time.

A woman talking on the phone
Ask your friends about a certain moving company

Overall, you can trust online moving reviews if they are not repetitive and if they were not written by the same person. However, the safest idea would be to ask around for a moving company in question. Chances are that you will find someone who knows about them more than you. Then, they can tell you if you should hire them or not. Hope we helped out!

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