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Relocating to another city or town is always tricky. People spend months wondering and planning. But if you are pondering whether to live in Evanston IL or not, you are a lucky person. We are here to resolve that dilemma. In case you decide to live there, you won’t have to wait long before you hire Evanston movers for the relocation. And if you aren’t keen on the idea, at least, our guide will help you make a decision not to move. So what are the pros and cons of Evanston?

Before you decide to live Evanston IL or not

No matter where you are moving, it is important to hire a reputable moving company. That is more practical than moving by yourself as it saves time. With the right professionals, everything will be easier. Imagine you want to move to Evanston IL from Chicago. There is a wide array of services — from the safest auto transportation Chicago movers can offer to antique furniture dismantling and packing. Depending on the type of services, you will have to invest some money. But there is nothing to worry about with a fair agency.

a couple look for and buying something online.
Carefully choose a mover and the kind of services offered. You should do some research before opting for one moving company and giving them money.

By the way, there is a lot to organize and prepare. Movers can help you, but you should know that you are in charge. For example, they can’t decide whether you will move or sell your old sofa. Also, make sure to know about life in Evanston IL. Once you make your decision, you can choose some of the best movers in Evanston. Here are the basic figures:

  • The median home value is around $380,000.
  • And the median rent is about $1,300.
  • People who live in Evanston IL have a median household income of nearly $78,000.
  • Its population counts as many as 75,157 citizens.
  • It has nine business districts that cover various types of business. 
  • It is situated only 12 miles north to Chicago. 

Why say yes to life in Evanston IL?

Situated only 12 miles north of Chicago, this city is a popular place for all generations. The majority of people who live in Evanston IL are proud of it. We can’t say this is a typical college town or a quiet place for the elderly. It attracts people of all ages and provides them with almost everything they need. So why do they like it so much?

1. University makes it attractive

Evanston is popular with students. It is home to the well-known Northwestern University. A fun fact is that this renowned university was built before the city in the 19th century. Since the campus is surrounded by nature, students who move to Evanston IL can enjoy its sheer beauty and study in a peaceful place. As for nightlife, there are a lot of bars and pubs in the city. Besides, some of them spend a superb night out in Chicago and get back by train easily.

Four students who study and live in Evanston IL are sitting on grass and having a picnic.
University students love Evanston and use every second of their free time to absorb fresh air from its charming nature.

2. Life in Evanston IL is safe for kids

People with families and kids opt for this city. There are plenty of parks, playgrounds, and top-rated schools. Crime rates are much lower than the national average, which makes life in Evanston IL much safer. What is more, the city is not huge, so everything is near for you and your children. Finally, there are numerous bike lanes, an indicator that the city strives at being more sustainable and green.

3. Live in Evanston IL calmly when you retire

Senior citizens can enjoy their peace and quiet when they retire. Most elderly people who live in Evanston IL spend quality time with their families, neighbors, and friends. They can practice hobbies and go for recreation in various parts of the city. And in summer, everyone can go swimming on one of the city’s six beaches on Lake Michigan. 

4. Cheaper than Chicago

One of the main reasons why people move to Evanston IL is its inexpensiveness. It can be much cheaper to live there even than the most affordable Chicago neighborhoods and quarters. Even though the median home value and rent are higher than the national average, the median household income is higher as well. 

Why not live in Evanston IL?

Although there are lots of advantages of living in Evanston, we have to mention its flaws too. No place in the world is perfect. And even if one place is amazing for one person, it doesn’t have to be as good for someone else. Here are the top disadvantages:

  1. It is cheaper to live in Evanston IL than in Chicago. However, it can be more expensive than in other places. If you are moving to Illinois, Evanston being part of it, you should bear in mind that it isn’t among the cheap U.S. states. 
  2. When you hardly ever cross its borders, you can easily get stuck in limbo. Despite its cultural and entertaining activities, some people just don’t think it’s enough. 
  3. On the other hand, those who commute to Chicago or nearby cities for work may find it exhausting after some time. They might also think they have spent too much money on fuel, train fares, etc.
  4. Although Evanston is fantastic for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s not attractive to people with higher aspirations. Some businessmen and businesswomen dream of being part of huge corporations with top-floor offices in Chicago.
Man in a suit is trying to catch a train.
Commuting to Chicago every day can be tiring and difficult. A lot of time can be spent just on that during a day.

Live in Evanston IL or not?

The final answer to this question is up to you. No one should make a decision for you. We can only present you with the facts. So if you decide to live in Evanston IL, make sure you have considered all the pros and cons. And in case you don’t want to move there, don’t do it now. Find another place where you will feel happy. Better safe than sorry!

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