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Packing gets so much easier if you do the preparation work sometime ahead. It’s easy to pack smaller household items when you’re moving than large ones, so some additional handyman skills are welcome! Choosing movers Mount Prospect to help you with the relocation is already a step forward! And if you wonder if you should disassemble your furniture before your Mount Prospect movers arrive, that mainly depends on the items you’re packing. The movers will help you out with all the bulky stuff relocation and packaging. But there are some tips you can also do prior to the move. Check out what you can do to facilitate packing and transferring your furniture!

Man streatching up while listening to music
Stretch up and get down to furniture disassembly!

Which pieces of furniture are better to disassemble before your movers arrive

You can dismantle most of the big, robust items.  Not all house furnishing can be packed as a single piece and that’s when the dismantling part takes place. Apart from being easier to pack items separately, you will assure they arrive to your new home safe and sound. It’s always safer to pack smaller objects to avoid the risk of any damage during transport. Disassembling may not be the easiest job, but adequate tools can do wonders. Here’s a list of some pieces of furniture you can pull apart prior to the Mount Prospect crew come to your home:

  • Wardrobes and large dressers
  • Dining tables
  • Large beds are easier to pack and carry in pieces if dismantled before movers arrive
  • Shelves

How wardrobe disassembly makes packing and moving easier

Wardrobes are one of the largest pieces of furniture to deal with. Before their size scares you away, don’t panic! With a little drill and housing tools assistance, they will be quickly unscrewed and dismantled. You’re not alone in the moving process, and professional furniture movers Chicago will gladly assist with any queries you have. However, some pieces of furniture are better packed if you do the initial dismantling work. Take joint parts apart, take out shelves and hangers. You can take the hanging rod first, after you have removed the clothes from the wardrobe.

Wardrobe’s younger sibling disassembly

The same applies for the dresser drawers. Your Mount Prospect movers will be able to pack and transfer your items even better if you do the disassembly step. Make sure to empty the drawers first to avoid leaving tiny stuff inside during the relocation. A useful dismantle tip is to put all the pieces of similar size together and their corresponding screws and bolts. It will make it easier to assemble them when you move into your new home.

Kitchen item(s) you can dismantle before the movers arrive

When it comes to kitchen furniture, the bulkiest object you can dismantle is the dining table. Pull its pieces apart before Mount Prospect movers come to take it over. You can decompose it by detaching the table legs first and putting them aside. They will travel in the same moving box, securely wrapped in suitable packing material. It’s clever to put all the items of similar size together and label the boxes correctly.

Man sitting at the dining table
Don’t overthink, just dismantle that kitchen table before the movers arrive!

Extra protection for the table board and other edgy items is a plus

Moving on with the table, the board should also be well protected after decomposing. You can use protective materials that you already have at home, like old sheets or blankets. Or you can go for professional protective layers and moving boxes that will keep all your items safe during the relocation.
Pad the edges with extra cushions if possible for the best protection. This will ease up transport to the moving van for your Mount Prospect movers. The trusted moving company can do it even without your effort, but putting some extra time to pull the pieces apart is surely a time and money saver.

Other kitchen items and appliances are not necessarily suitable for taking apart, but if you have any, go ahead! It will only facilitate the packing and moving both for your and your movers.

What to disassemble in your bedroom before relocation

You have one chance to guess which bedroom piece of furniture you can disassemble before Mount Prospect movers arrive. It’s your bed, of course. We already mentioned wardrobe and dressers, but the bedroom piece that can be pulled apart is certainly a bed. No matter the size, use the tools to dismantle it before the packing time comes. The movers might do it for you, and you can agree upon everything with the best moving agency out there, but you can also be your own craftsman. After all, you’ll need a good night’s sleep after moving to your new home. Make it easier by dismantling the bed and assure it gets to a new bedroom as comfy as it is for you to sleep in it.

Take apart the shelves before your movers come over

If you’re a book-lover, shelves take a special place all-around your home. Or you like ornaments and have a full rack of figurines. Pack the books separately and other items that you hold on any shelves that you can decompose before the moving day. Easily unscrewed smaller shelves will be a child’s game when you master the big, library shelf that you have! If you disassembly this piece of furniture prior to the Mount Prospect mover’s arrival, packing and moving time will run faster.

Book shelf
Your big bookshelves will travel securely when you take them apart

In case you have damaged shelves or any pieces of furniture that served their purpose, there’s no need to overwhelm the new home with these items. Apart from the best movers, Mount Prospect offers a recycling service you can go for and get rid of unnecessary stuff before the move. Say goodbye to your old items, and step into your new life with the furniture you’ll be using for a long time!

You already know that packing and moving require only the most reliable assistance. Though professional moving company is your best friend during this period, you can also contribute a lot! Disassemble your furniture before your Mount Prospect movers arrive, and be even more deeply involved in packing your favorite items. They will be extra secure while traveling all the way to your new home!

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