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Relocating is hard and stressful as it is. But relocating during a blizzard adds a whole new level of stress and difficulty to it. Some people back out and decide to postpone the relocation, while others decide to go through with it. Whether because they can’t cancel or reschedule the relocation or they don’t really mind the blizzard, they stick to the plan. And if you find yourself in the middle of those two, wondering if you should be relocating during a blizzard then this post is for you. Something big as a blizzard is going to affect your relocation, you can count on that. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t move. You just have to be smart about it! So read further to find out more about hacks when relocating during a blizzard.

Don’t forget about yourself when you’re relocating during a blizzard!

Relocating during a blizzard is hard. Conditions are harsh and sometimes even dangerous. And people sometimes get caught up in worrying about their belongings, their home, their car, the road, and the whole moving process. In doing that, they end up forgetting about themselves. And that there can is dangerous. That’s why we’ve decided to talk about all those practical things later and for now, focus on you. So, our first tip is going to be not to forget about yourself!

Clothes on hangers - Should you be relocating during a blizzard
The more layers you have the less chance you’ll feel cold

Sometimes they go out not dressed properly for a blizzard. They don’t wear suitable shoes. And all of that can lead to illness. Which is the last thing you want when you’re in the middle of the moving process? It can delay unpacking. And it can overall ruin the feeling of happiness that you’re supposed to get from your new home. Or worse, this kind of neglect can also lead to injuries. When you’re relocating in the middle of a blizzard the floor and the street can get frozen. And add carrying heavy moving boxes or furniture to slippery pathways and you’ve got yourself a receipt for injuries. So, in order to avoid all of that, remember to dress properly!

Help your movers

It’s probably not the first nor the last time for the movers from moving companies in Skokie IL to be relocating during a blizzard. They have experience and know how to do it. You don’t have to worry about your belongings. However, you can do a few things to help them out. Plus, it can make the relocation itself smoother. So, you can:

  • Cover all the icy areas around the house where the movers will pass with salt or sand
  • Prepare more salt or sand in case snow covers the paths
  • Prepare shovels and ice scrapers. Even if you do clear the paths around your home, you will probably need to do it again since you’re relocating during a blizzard.
  • Prepare hot beverages like coffee or tea for your movers so that they can warp up. You don’t have to prepare them on site. Especially if you’ve already packed everything. You can prepare them before the movers come and keep them in a thermos.

Packing supplies when relocating during a blizzard

If you don’t have plastic moving bins or something else that’s waterproof, don’t worry. There’s something you can do. And no, it’s not what you think. You don’t have to go around town during a blizzard looking for new packing supplies. Your moving boxes Chicago will do just fine. All you have to do is be a little creative. You can either cover those moving boxes with something waterproof. Or you can, if you have the time and the means necessary, make some type of cover above the pathway from your home to the moving track.

Think about asking your neighbors or friends for help because loading the moving truck should be done as quickly as possible

The most important thing here is that your belongings don’t get wet. So, if you can’t do anything mentioned above you can do something else. If you don’t have enough waterproof materials to cover all of your boxes and furniture you can prioritize. I’m sure that some of your belongings can survive a little snow. And then, there are some that mustn’t get wet. So, wrap valuable and more delicate things first. And make sure you don’t put any box on the floor if it’s wet.

Floors and relocating during a blizzard.

Since you’re supposed to leave your old home clean after you move out and a blizzard is not helping you with that, we’ve got a hack for you. Namely, you can cover the floors with something plastic. That way your floors won’t get wet or dirty. After your movers take everything out you can just remove those plastic sheets. Your home will remain intact and you won’t have to spend more time cleaning it again.

Blankets - Should you be relocating during a blizzard
You can also use cardboard or blankets to keep the floor clean and not slippery

You can also use that same hack for your new home. The first thing you do in your new home doesn’t have to be tedious cleaning. Not if you can prevent that so easily.

Getting on the road

This one is very important. Relocating during a blizzard is not safe if your car is not serviced beforehand. So, don’t even think about moving in those weather conditions if you’re not sure that your car is in great condition. The last thing you want is to have an accident or to have your car stop in the middle of the road. Especially if you’re moving long-distance and have a long road ahead of you.

And finally, don’t leave your old home without an emergency kit. Especially when you’re relocating during a blizzard. The kit should contain the most important things from your medicine cabinet and first aid kit. Pack a spare set of clothes for each member of your family in case someone gets wet. And lastly, prepare hot beverages and some food.

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