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Approximately 43.6 million Americans move in the span of a year. In order to accommodate to that there are plenty of moving companies and even more, moving services. But for someone that is moving for the first time, it can be a little confusing. But, that’s why we are here! Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago will tell you about services to consider when moving home.

Do we need moving services when moving?

When people move they have so many responsibilities that sometimes it can be tricky. But it still doesn’t mean it is impossible! Hiring a moving company is a great way to pass some, most, or all of your moving responsibilities. You may decide to hire full-service movers, or you can choose among the many moving company services that the moving company you employ is offering. No matter what you choose you will definitely make your moving day easier.

A woman packing a box before moving
There are plenty of things you will need to do in order to move. Getting the right moving services will lighten your load.

Let’s make one thing clear. Not all moving companies have the same moving services. So it is recommended that you ask about them on time before finalizing the contract. And trust us when you ask them, you will be provided with a full list of services they recommend and provide. This way you can pick and choose, leaving only a little work for yourself, like packing the essentials bag. Of course, you should inquire about the pieces at the same time.

Packing services

The most time-consuming and tedious process when it comes to moving is packing and unpacking. Many people don’t like it, as it takes so much time. You would need to look for the best packing supplies Chicago can offer. And only after finding them can you actually start packing. So if you can just skip this step entirely do you really need to think it through? You can just leave this to the professionals! They are the people that have done this so many times already. Using their knowledge and experience they will pack everything in perfect order, minimizing the potential risks and damages that can occur. And the plus side is they also bring their own packing supplies.

A woman calling a moving company about services to consider when moving home
Carefully listen when the movers explain the services to consider when moving with them.

Storage services

If you decide that you don’t wish to pack and move everything then you will need a place to keep all of your items. Renting an apartment or keeping things in your old home is a waste of money. Paying for an apartment you don’t live in and all of the bills is too much. And a home is better used as a rental to earn some money. In order to help you with that we present you with storage units Skokie! Here you can keep anything for an affordable price. On top of that, you also have constant security and that way won’t need to worry if your things are safe. Of course, you can even choose the storage type. For example, wood or books are highly sensitive to humidity (wood cracks and books can have binding warping, paper curling, pages sticking together, mold growth, and insect activity) so climate-controlled storage is the best option!

Auto transportation

If you are moving long distances it can be tricky to transport your auto. But of course, if you pick a good company they might be able to help. The best auto transportation Chicago services are guaranteed to make your move a lot easier! Hiring the right movers means finding the services that fit your needs. There are multiple ways of getting your car from point A to point B. Of course, you get to choose the method, based on the budget you have prepared for it, or the time needed. You can have someone drive it to you, transport it in a truck, a car carrier, ship and so much more.

A man carrying boxes in the van
There are many things that need to be done in order to move. So split the workload with your movers!

Piano movers

People don’t realize how much work it is to move a piano. Just looking at it will tell you some things. First, its size is huge, second, it is heavy and lastly, there is no way you can move it alone. There are many potential dangers when moving a piano as well. From injuries to home damages (floor scratches, wall damage), and even worse mishandling it may cause strings to break and so on. We already know that pianos can be quite expensive, and we are also sure you know that too if you own one. So why risk it? You can simply find the best piano movers Chicago can offer. And leave it to professionals.

Pool table movers

One more item similar to the piano is the pool table. It also needs proper handling or it will definitely get damaged! It is also big and heavy so more people will be needed. Not to mention that maneuvering it out of the home won’t be easy, especially the doors or stairs. So why even think about it when you can find the best pool table movers Chicago can offer you? These people have moved plenty of pool tables and will know how to prepare them for the move and move it without any damage and mishaps along the way.

Are there more services to consider when moving?

Every company has different services to offer. Among them, services to consider when moving are not just a few! Of course, you will be free to choose the ones you like and need. You do not need to pick all of them, just the ones you want. But keep in mind that all of them were made with the intention of making your move a lot easier. Just make sure to ask about the prices and other details before selecting the services.

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