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Renting is an amazing option for those who don’t want to tackle repairs and renovations of their home. When you rent, your landlord has to take care of everything in the apartment or house. That’s why many of the people living in rented homes opt to do that. Everyone’s first thought is that you would want a home to call your own. And there is always a lot of attention placed on the title “home-owner”. But, in reality, renting is always a cost-effective and available option to many. Also, you never know where life will take you. Unless you are 100% set on living in Morton Grove for good, don’t consider buying. Our Chicago moving and storage experts have prepared a few things you need to know when renting in Morton Grove.

The suburbs of Morton Grove

About Morton Grove

The Village of Morton Grove is a suburb of Chicago that is very well connected to all nearby cities. Residents get to enjoy the calm and quiet of a suburban lifestyle while being a short commute away from the heart of Chicago. Whenever you feel like there is that city flare missing, just jump on over to Chicago. We guarantee that at the end of the day you will feel so happy that you get to return to your cozy remote home. Some of the best moving companies Morton Grove IL are always at your disposal. Just keep in mind, true professionals will always go out of their way to provide you with all the information you can dream of.

The community of Morton Grove is a tight and welcoming community. If diversity is something that’s on your mind when thinking of moving to the suburbs, don’t worry! Morton Grove is proudly one of the most diverse suburbs in Illinois. You will never feel judged in this gorgeous village. The village also offers some amazing local shops that you can support, as well as a wide array of interstate supermarkets and retailers.

Rent prices are rising! …Or not?

Another lovely surprise Morton Grove, or rather the state of Illinois, has prepared for us is constant rent prices! This doesn’t mean that in the future the rent prices will never go up. But in Morton Grove as well as in Chicago, rent prices have stayed the same for more than a year. We’re pretty sure all of you are fairly knowledgeable in the housing market. So, you must know that rent prices staying the same is a very rare sight to see. Moving to Illinois has never been easier.

So, what is the average median house rent in Morton Grove? Currently, it is $1.100 for a 1-bedroom apartment. You will rarely find cheaper rent than that for any size of a rental. It might seem like quite the number when you first think about it. But, keep in mind that Morton Grove is a short drive away from the city of Chicago and all of the main happenings over there. Location is a big thing that determines the prices of rentals. So, if we account for location, community, and beauty, we’re sure you’d agree it is quite reasonable.

A graph of varying prices
Housing prices tend to vary a lot. But in Morton Grove, they’ve been the same for over a year!

Budget smartly

When renting in Morton Grove, you need to be able to keep a tight budget on your finances. Financial experts suggest that you never rent a place that costs more than 30% of your income. And that is the most you should allow for. Sometimes though people are not really in a situation to be picky, if you are, be sure to use it wisely.

Many people who rent apartments offer certain discounts if you are in the position to pay rent 6-month or a year in advance. This is quite the sum of money and not everyone can save up that much. But, a good life hack, if you’re just starting out your journey of moving, is to save up a lot of money. For example, instead of $1.100 per month, your renter might be interested in lowering monthly rent for $100 if you were to cash out $6.000-$12.000 all at once. Never be afraid to ask, you never know what kind of agreement you might come upon!

Never sign a lease without visiting the property first!

We know it sounds completely obvious, but we would just like to accent the importance of this step. Sometimes people are in such a chaotic situation that they have no time to think let alone visit various apartments they’re interested in. Well, we would like to urge you that even when you feel like there is no time left in the world, you go and visit the apartment you’d like to rent. When it comes to the move itself, you don’t need to stress out before time. There are many services you can hire alongside your movers, such as packing services IL for example. Professional packers will pack up your apartment in one day, and unpack it at your new location the next. Just imagine how much time you will save. That is a good option to consider.

It’s extremely important that you see the apartment with your own eyes before deciding to rent. Look at the walls, faucets, toilet, etc. to check if everything is working correctly and in good condition. If there are any faults with the unit, the landlords will most likely offer to fix up everything before you move in. If they don’t, then that’s your sign to search for accommodation elsewhere. You can even keep an ear out for neighbors and determine whether or not there is a lot of loud neighbors around your apartment.

A real estate agent showing a family and apartment
Seeing an apartment in person can really change your mind or prove to you that you are making the best possible choice.

Renting in Morton Grove – worth it or not?

Well, if you’re asking us, we’d say that renting in Morton Grove is the way to go. You can’t know where life will take you, so until you’re ready to settle down, renting is the best choice.

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