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Just having a good-looking and easy-to-use website like Golan’s Moving and Storage is not enough anymore. Every moving company has one. Even the fraudulent ones. So, that’s not the way a moving company can get many customers. The safest and fastest way to get new customers is if somebody recommended that moving company. And when you think about it, it’s no wonder that more and more moving companies decide to have a referral program. But you may wonder what’s in it for you? That’s a great question! So, here you can find reasons to refer others to moving companies.

First things first

But before we get into all the reasons to refer others to moving companies, we’d like to start with the basics. Referral marketing is more complicated then we assume. When someone tells someone else about a moving company or some other product or business, that’s not a referral. That’s just a recommendation.

A ball separated from other balls
There’s one thing that separates referrals from recommendations

A referral marketing is when you have a moving company, a referrer and a referee. The deal here is that the said moving company has exceptional service and therefore a satisfied customer. That customer becomes referrer when he or she recommends the moving company to someone else. Then, when that person reaches out for your service he or she becomes a referee. By doing so, the moving company gets a new customer and should reward both the referrer and referee with an incentive. That final step there is the one that makes a difference between a simple recommendation and a referral.

What’s in it for you?

That reward that we mentioned is one of the most important reasons why you should refer others to moving companies. Now, a reward that you’ll be given can be many different things. However, the usual rewards are:

  1. a small percentage of the relocation’s cost
  2. a coupon you can use the next time you use that moving company’s services

Having in mind how much a relocation can cost, neither option is bad when you turn that reward into money. It’s just a matter of time when it pays of for you. Either you get money right away. Or you get to save some when you’re moving next and. And if you ask me, I can’t decide which one is better.

A scale - Reasons to refer others to moving companies
And if you ask me, I can’t decide which one is better.

Not so obvious reasons to refer others to moving companies

There’s another thing in referring others to a certain moving company for you. And this one is not that obvious. Namely, this is yet another chance for you to make sure that a said moving company is reliable. You will get to hear another opinion on them. If the movers did a great job relocating your friend’s household that’s a great thing for you also! Because one could think that doing one relocation efficiently can be a lucky shot. Or maybe it was a way to get you to refer that moving company to others and the next time you hire them, they won’t care about satisfying you as much.

Furthermore, when or if time for moving comes again, you will know right away who to hire. You will skip all those tedious things you had to do to find a reliable moving company. So, no more reading countless reviews bored out of your mind. And no more scheduling on-site estimates and getting free moving estimates. And most importantly, you can skip on feeling nervous completely. For you’ll know that your household is in safe hands and that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Ethical reason to refer others to moving companies

Since you’re thinking about the reasons to refer others to moving companies, it’s safe to assume that you’ve used that company’s services. Furthermore, it’s safe to assume that you’ve moved recently. Now, if you would just try and remember the process of choosing a moving company, that would be of great help. Because what I’m trying to point out is that you, most probably, relied on other people’s opinions during making this hard decision. Maybe you asked your friends and family first for some recommendations. Maybe you read all the moving company reviews you could find. Or maybe you did both.

A "fraud alert" sign
And I’m sure that even then you were at least a little bit worried if a moving company you hired is a fraudulent one.

It doesn’t really matter. The point is that you needed help in choosing one of many moving companies in Skokie IL. The same as other people do. And since humans are beings capable of feeling empathy, it’s quite normal that you want to help other people. Especially when they find themselves in the same situation where you’ve been once. So, there you have another reason to refer others to moving companies if those from above weren’t enough.

What’s in it for a moving company?

Now, there are some people who get suspicions as to why on Earth would a moving company give them anything for recommending them. After all, they already have customers’ reviews on their websites. So why would they spend their money both on them and on the other person when their main goal is to make as much money as they can? The answer is quite simple, actually. Through referral marketing, a moving company gets a new client, but also keeps the current client. Plus, they don’t have to spend money on advertising that doesn’t necessarily bring them new customers.

Furthermore, just think about it logically. Even if there wasn’t a reward both for you and that other person, you would help out them if you could, wouldn’t you? You would point your friend or a family member to a moving company that successfully relocated your belongings, right? Well, the reward actually just amplifies that. It makes you more inclined to refer others to moving companies. And not just any moving company, but the one that will reward you for bringing a new customer to them. And that’s worth paying for, isn’t it?

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