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Are you thinking about moving to Des Plaines? This small city close to Chicago has so much more to offer than one would think. There are many different things that Des Plaines movers can brag about to new residents. For example, one fun fact is that this is the site of Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s franchise, which opened in 1955! But that’s not all we will share even more quick facts about Des Plaines with you.

Des Plaines is a very diverse city!

For a city its size Des Plaines is very diverse! Our Chicago moving and storage experts share some of their many experiences in helping people move here. And we are not surprised that they helped people of all beliefs and cultures make this area their home! This small city is a melting pot where many different people mix in harmony, and create a beautiful tight nit community.

McDonalds sign as one of the facts about Des Plaines is that it is home to the 1st McDonalds
One of the facts about Des Plaines is that it is home to the 1st McDonalds

The city offers many attractions

There are plenty of things you can do in Des Plaines. Some facts about Des Plaines include historical facts that happened long ago. And if you would like to learn about these movers Park Ridge IL recommend you visit the Des Plaines History Center. You can also go to the local library, theater, aquatic center, and so on. But in case you are someone that also loves the outdoors you can go see the lake or take a walk in some local parks.

McDonald’s No. 1

Like we already mentioned this city is home to the first-ever McDonald’s! And even though it doesn’t serve food today there is still a museum people can visit. The actual restaurant was demolished in 1984. But in order to preserve its history Mcdonald’s decided to make this replica of the old restaurant that is now serving as McDoland’s No.1 museum.

The city of roses

If you ask any of the Glenview movers about some facts about Des Plaines you will notice they all call it “The city of roses”. Why is that? In the world of flowers, Des Plaines has made a name for itself based on the roses locals produce and sell. This was especially so in the past when there were more open fields. The city was covered and surrounded by flowers. And although today there are almost no fields left, people still grow flowers in their greenhouses.

Man holding roses
Flowers are a big part of the city’s history.

Easy to transport

One more of the facts about Des Plaines is that it is easy to transport in, out, and around the city. Unlike many other cities, this one has nice roads, as well as a good transportation system. So even though it is not a big city it still avoids crowds and traffic jams. And you should remember that the city has many attractions so the city does see its fair share of tourists.

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