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Are you moving to the Chicago area and feel like you might need help? Then what you need are some reliable moving professionals! But when looking for Evanston moving company, you will run into a lot of young people working in the industry. And this might cause you a pause. There are many pros as well as cons of hiring young movers. You might feel like they do not have experience – but you can be wrong when thinking that! If you are feeling any doubts about this process – then you are in the right place! Today, we will examine all the perks and disadvantages in this article!

Young movers might not have the experience, but they are always willing to learn!

One of the main gripes people will have with hiring young movers is their inexperience. After all, when looking into professional movers, you want experience and good resources on your side! So, you can feel like the people you are looking into will not be able to handle the task you need them to.

a young person on laptop
Young people are always willing to learn!

However, you should never underestimate the motivation young people have. Professionals just starting in the industry will be hungry for knowledge. What’s more, reliable moving companies always hold training and skill orientations. This way, young workers learn the important skills they need for safely packing up your items as well as transporting them. So, before using packing services Chicago, make sure you ask if they are well-trained and versed in all sorts of packing. Talk about the items you have in your home and how they can pack them.

What’s more, professional moving companies offer various insurance policies. This way, if the young movers were insecure in their packing skills and this led to damage to your items, you will get reimbursed for it. This way, hiring young movers is safe – as long as you find a reliable and responsible moving company!

Hiring young movers means working with passionate people

What makes young people especially great as your movers is the passion they can have for their work. Younger people are active and vigorous, and everything will be exciting for them. On the other hand, people with years of experience might already feel tired of their job. After all, they have been doing with packing things and transporting them for quite some time. They can feel like they have seen everything and it bores them. That’s why young movers will be full of enthusiasm and happy to give it their best when helping you move!

two happy people - you will get passionate workers when hiring young movers
Young people are optimistic and passionate!

Furthermore, young people are usually full of optimism. This lets them have a fantastically positive attitude towards their work. So, they build a relationship with the clients faster and make communication easier. This might be generalizing a little, but they usually have an open mind and will accept all the rules and responsibilities you need from them. After all, they want to further improve and develop their career – and this will be in their best interest.

Their way of communicating might be a disadvantage

Good communication is the key to every good move. It will help you avoid moving problems and find solutions to all moving needs quickly. However, a lot of people find troubling the way that young people communicate in this time and age. They believe that young people – including movers – depend on technology too much.

Yes, technology can help you solve many moving problems. Its development leads to affordable moves as well as faster communication. But the problem arises when these technological solutions fail. Young movers might be taken by surprise and unsure about how they can solve the issue. So, they might have to improvise or call older movers, and this can take some time.

a phone
Some might accuse young movers of being too dependent on technology.

What’s more, there is a stereotype that younger people sometimes cannot accept feedback. There can be a lot of guidelines and instructions during a move, and receiving negative feedback might throw them off. However, you should not worry about any of these with reliable residential moving services. As we already mentioned, young movers go through training in these companies, so they are aptly prepared for anything that may come their way during the move.

Hiring young movers might mean you get an affordable move

Another one of the great perks when moving with younger movers is that you might be able to negotiate for a cheaper move. Experienced movers can call upon this when giving their estimate and looking into the costs of the move. However, if you are going to be working with younger movers, then you might talk about the cost and try to lower it.

What’s important is not to be afraid of negotiating with your movers. After all, a good moving company understands that moving is not a cheap process. There is a lot to do and so – a lot to spend your money on. From dealing with the logistics to getting packing materials – when you reach the moving estimate, your wallet might already be empty! This is why it is important not to be afraid and talk about your fears and anxieties. The moving industry is highly competitive and the young movers will want you on their side. So, they might offer some perks, or lower their costs in order to get you as their client!

However, you do not need to worry about the pros and cons of hiring young movers when working with Golan’s Moving & Storage. We are reliable and professional, and our workers all go through the training we already mentioned. What’s more, we afford affordable moves! Just contact us and ask for a free estimate and you will see it for yourself!

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