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Moving is not simple and it often requires a hands-on-deck approach. Simply put, there are a lot of things to be done. Some don’t require help, but time. Things like setting a budget, taking inventory, etc. However, if you are faced with the more practical part of the relocation, such as packing and moving of possessions and furniture, you will find having help means a lot. Therefore, having friends helping you relocate is a pretty viable strategy for bringing any relocation to a successful conclusion. However, there are pros and cons to using friends for help rather than asking professionals. Therefore, we will go over both the benefits and the downsides of asking friends to help you out during the relocation. For now, we will begin with the benefits that you will experience!

Having friends helping you relocate is simply easier!

It is one of the moving companies Chicago that will be doing the heavy lifting of the move, obviously, but not always literary. If you hire a moving company, you might only hire a portion of the services. For example, you might choose not to pay for the loading and unloading of the items. If that is the case, while you are not in need of movers you will still find yourself in need of help! And that is exactly what friends are for! But, before we talk about how much help they will present in terms of manpower gain, there is also the simple fact that doing things together with friends, rather than alone, is more fun!

friends helping you relocate - friends laughing
Having friends helping you out just makes sense!

Moving is stressful and it takes its toll. It takes around 8 weeks to plan a move, which means you have solid two months of general anxiety buildup if you are anything like most people. When the move is finally on the way, on the “d-day” itself, you will actually feel peak stress. That is why you need to have friends by your side! Having friends around is sure to lower your stress levels and produce great results. They will lift your spirits and help you out in preserving mental health throughout the strenuous process.

So, what is the definite pro of having friends helping you relocate? They are there to help you out and you will feel more relaxed and more in control. The end of the moving process is afoot, and you have your friends to help you through it!

Having helping hands is crucial

On the more practical side of things, there is also the practical side of friends helping you relocate. That practical side is that they can do most of the job instead of the crews of long distance movers Chicago. That means that they can help you pack, disassemble furniture and electronics, load, unload, and unpack all the necessary items. All in all, helping hands are pretty important when you have to deal with a lot of physical work that moving demands.

a man helping over a cliff
A friend in need is a friend indeed!

With friends by your side, all the work will be done much faster! Furthermore, due to a multitude of people on the job, physical exhaustion will be lowered. The more people you invite, the smoother it will all go! Therefore, if you can, definitely do ask friends and family to help you out!

Free labor!

While this might be a little bit on the nose, and also might sound exploitative, there is a pretty important aspect of getting friends to help you relocate. That would be that you don’t have to pay them. Sure, this might sound like you are exploiting them, but you are really not. As we previously stated, friends should be happy to help, if able. And the whole work will be done a lot quicker and without too much work if enough people show up! Having the ability to pay your friendly movers with some pizza and beer during the housewarming party rather than paying them for their services monetarily is definitely a benefit that can’t be overlooked.

However, they are not professionals

And yet, we now come to the cons of having friend rather than pool table movers Chicago handle your valuable and difficult to move possesions. They lack the experience, skillset, and tools of regular moving crews. They don’t possess the safety equipment for the work that is being done and don’t know the best techniques to safe themself trouble and back pain.

Professionals have:

  • Tools – Various safety equipment, equipment for disassembly, cranes, packing supplies. etc.
  • Skills Having friends helping you relocate is straightforward, by their efficacy might be lacking.
  • Logistical equipment – Trucks, vans, and all the other things movers use to load and unload all the items you intend to possess are probably not going to be at your service should you fail to hire professionals.

Time management

But what we would designate as the main drawback of friends helping you relocate is that you simply can’t rely on that they will all be free to help you! Once you deal with estimations of moving quotes Chicago and hire movers, that date is set!

red sand hourglass
It is hard to organize friends…

There is a great chance of friends simply failing to show up or having their own duties that day that will prevent them from showing up!.

In summary

Hopefully, we have now covered all the important pros and cons of friends helping you relocate. There are, as you see, pretty important points on both sides. If you are currently having to figure out last-minute relocation, you might want us to help you with that and quickly summarise the main points of the article. Therefore saving you from a long read. So, in summary, the main pros are that doing stuff with friends is inherently fun and easier than doing stuff alone and that having helping hands around during the move is pretty important. However, friends are not a thorough replacement for movers, as they lack their skillset and tools. Furthermore, movers can have schedules, while your friends might not be able to fit into your move with their daily life chores.

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