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If your move happens to fall around Halloween (or have old moving material lying around), there’s no need to buy a new costume—you have the foundation for an easy, creative DIY costume right under your roof! With a cardboard box or some bubble wrap, you’re not only recycling (go green, right?), but you’ll be a hit at the party.

Here are four fun Halloween costume ideas that can be made with packing and moving materials:

A pair of dice. Paint a box white with the appropriate number of black circles on each side. It’s a classic couples costume. (Bonus: Cover with plush white fabric from the craft store and go as fuzzy dice!)

A bubble-wrap jellyfish. Martha Stewart provides a step-by-step tutorial for this unique get-up. Guaranteed, you’ll be the only bubble-wrap jellyfish at the party!

Legos. Dress your kids (or if you’re feeling nostalgic, yourself) as their favorite color of Legos. Cut arm and head holes in the box, and then paint it with a high-gloss spray paint. Attach small, round painted boxes to the front and you’re done!

iPod or iPhone. Your favorite Apple gadget is a new twist on the trusty box costume. Simply paint your box black or the color of your iPod, add a screen and the control circle in a contrasting color, and then lastly add an Apple on the screen as the finishing touch.

Now that you solved your costume dilemma, start planning the party! If you’re new in the area, this is a great way to meet your neighbors.

Have you used a box or other moving materials for a Halloween costume? Share your best ideas!

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