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Choosing among the best Chicago moving companies
For the most successful move, it’s important to juggle and manage all logistics. This includes hiring the best among the many Chicago moving companies, packing and of course, the logistics of time. Time is a pretty complex consideration? The different times of the year, month, week and even the time of day can influence your move. Here are our top considerations:

Time of the year: When living and moving in Chicago, the winter is the most dreaded time of the year to move. Anyone who has been to Chicago between the months of November and March knows that the snow can be your worst enemy. However, if you’re willing to brave the elements, moving costs can be cheaper since less people are moving during this season, it is also best to compare among the different Chicago moving companies’ current rates.

Time of the month: Leases generally begin on the first of the month. Therefore, most people move at the beginning and end of a month. These high-traffic periods may be more expensive during the middle of the month, so that’s something to discuss with your moving company.

Time of the week: Again, it doesn’t take a genius to know that moving mid-week is less expensive than on the weekend. Much of moving cost are based on popularity, so if you can take time off on a Wednesday versus a Saturday, you can likely save a buck or two.

Time of the day: We’re getting down to the fine details now, but think logically: Commuting is bad in the early morning and evening in major metropolitans like Chicago or Los Angeles, so fighting traffic to move during this time can be both time invasive and stressful. Take this into consider when scheduling a move.

Once you have chosen among the many Chicago moving companies, it is also best to ask for their advice or for some tips in making your moving experience easier and more fun.

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