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Are you moving your piano to your new home in Chicago? Working with piano movers Chicago comes with many perks! Not only are we able to relocate your piano safely and securely, but we can also help you with some amazing piano maintenance tips! If you do not know much about how to keep your piano in optimal condition, we will teach you! Read our article to find out more!

Make sure you position your piano in the room correctly

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is where you are placing your piano. Work with residential movers Chicago closely and they can help you position it just right. For example, one of the main piano maintenance tips is that the room your piano is in needs to have a stable temperature. This is why you need to place your piano near an “internal wall”. Walls that face outside tend to have the temperature that fluctuates, so do not place the piano there. Similarly, if your wall is facing west, then they will get really warm during the summer.

Keep your piano at optimal temperature!

Similarly, make sure you are not placing the piano anywhere near a heat source. Air conditioners, heaters, and fireplaces can all damage your piano significantly. Changes in temperature not only damage the wood piano is made of but also the string stability. This makes maintaining your piano difficult.

Other regular piano maintenance tips

Another thing that you can do to keep your piano fresh is to keep a bowl of water in the bottom of it. It can be as big as a small margarine container! This will keep it “hydrated” – especially if you have a piano made before the 1930s. The wooden parts of the instrument tend to contract and expand. This will help with this process, and thus keep your piano running for quite some time – all you need to do is refill it!

tuning fork
Make sure to regularly tune your piano!

You should also tune up your piano regularly, too. However, tuning a piano can be quite hard – so we recommend you get some experts to help you with this. What’s more, the tuner can help you with some amazing piano maintenance tips, and tell you what to do if you haven’t been tuning your piano in quite a while.

Service your piano regularly

What’s more, you should not only stop at tuning the piano regularly. Instead, you should service it too! The wood and similar materials can change over time – and keeping them safe will keep your piano safe as well. So, make sure you schedule regular in-depth service for your instrument. This way, the tuner will help with the melody, while the services will keep the mechanical parts too!

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