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The city of Chicago has countless fun places to visit. Each one of them has something unique and a fun activity to offer. Luckily for you, we are here to present you with them. A good thing about living in Chicago is that most places are pet-friendly. This means that you get to experience all of these activities with your pet. And, you will be happy to hear that there are many pet-friendly places in Chicago you will love. Most of these places include vast areas where you can play with your pet. Open areas such as parks can especially be convenient for you and your pet. But, the parks are not all Chicago has to offer. There are other pet-friendly options you will find interesting. And, the local movers Chicago are here to tell you all about them. Check what these places are all about in the article below.

There are many pet-friendly places in Chicago

The best places to bring your pet along are surely open areas such as parks. The city of Chicago has a number of pet-friendly parks to offer and the residential movers Chicago recommend visiting them all. This way, you will find out which place suits you the most. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Montrose Dog Beach

On Chicago’s North Side, just next to Montrose Beach, is a famous off-leash dog beach called Montrose Dog Beach that representatives of Golan’s Moving & Storage IL consider one of the best pet-friendly places. The beach is a terrific area to bring your dog for some exercise and socialization. This is because its primary visitors are particularly dogs and their owners. Your dog can play and swim in Lake Michigan on the beach, which has a sandy shoreline.

a park with lots of people sitting
Parks are the best pet-friendly places you can find.

A fence encloses the whole lake for their safety. Additionally, the area has water fountains, garbage cans, and dog waste bags to assist you. Together with the beach, there is a paved walking path that runs along the lakeside and provides breathtaking views of the city skyline. The route is a wonderful spot to take your dog for a leisurely run or walk while taking in the environment.

Navy Pier

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Chicago is Navy Pier, which is situated in the Streeterville district next to Lake Michigan. The pier is a busy entertainment area with a variety of things to do, such as eating, shopping, sightseeing, and more. One fantastic aspect of Navy Pier is that pets are welcome. So, you may bring your animal companion along to join in the excitement. Nevertheless, dogs can not go inside restaurants or retail establishments; only outdoor patio areas are available for them. To keep everything neat and orderly, there are pet rest stations placed all along the pier. The Skokie movers wholeheartedly recommend visiting Navy Pier with your pet.

One of the most famous pet-friendly places in Chicago: The Promontory

Let’s mention a place like a bar for a change. Popular dining establishment The Promontory is situated in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side. The eatery features live music and a focus on Southern-inspired food in a cozy and welcoming ambiance. The Promontory boasts a dog-friendly patio area, which is one of its outstanding features and makes it a great spot to come with your furry companion. The Evanston movers especially recommend the patio since it is a terrific spot to unwind and take in the weather with your pet because it is roomy and has comfortable chairs.

a dog
Regular activities become better when your pet is taking part in them.

Furthermore, Promontory’s menu features a variety of meals with an emphasis on regionally sourced ingredients and seasonal flavors. There are lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options on the menu, which features everything from small plates and appetizers to dinners and desserts. During the weekends, the restaurant also serves brunch, which has a variety of savory and sweet selections. Also, the Promontory is famous for its live music scene, which includes a variety of regional and national bands, in addition to its cuisine. A terrific spot to socialize and have fun with friends, the restaurant also often conducts events like quiz nights and karaoke parties.

The Green City Market

The Green City Market is a famous outdoor farmers market in the city of Chicago‘s Lincoln Park district. It’s a pet-friendly vacation spot where you can fill up on locally produced fresh food as well as other artisanal delicacies and handmade crafts. From May to October, the market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, then solely on Saturdays from November to April. It has more than 50 merchants selling a range of goods, such as fresh produce, herbs, meats, cheeses, baked goods, honey, and more.

a market that is a part of the pet-friendly places in Chicago
Out of all pet-friendly places in Chicago, Green City Market is likely to be the most unique.

The Green City Market’s dedication to sustainability and environmental care is one of its many wonderful qualities. As every item at the market is produced or grown within a 200-mile radius of Chicago, less carbon dioxide is produced during transportation. The market offers a variety of educational programs and events in addition to grocery shopping, such as cooking demonstrations, workshops, and classes on subjects including gardening, composting, and sustainable living.

The Robey

The last on our list of best pet-friendly places in Chicago is the Robey. The Robey is a chic boutique hotel that is in Chicago’s Wicker Park district. The hotel is built in a significant Art Deco structure and has a sleek and modern aesthetic that combines modernity with vintage appeal. You are welcome to bring your four-legged companion with you because it is a pet-friendly location. The Robey’s position in the hip Wicker Park area, which is famous for its thriving arts and music scene as well as its varied mix of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, is one of its best features. The area is a terrific spot to explore with your pet because it also has a lot of parks and greenery.

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