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Deciding on a new place where to move to is a difficult choice to make. It will greatly impact your future, so it needs to be thought through well. You need to consider the needs of all your family members and make a decision taking all of these into consideration. Chicago is a very popular moving destination in Illinois, and it has over 100 suburbs. Park Ridge is one of them and one of the biggest ones. Reputable moving companies in Chicago can take you to each of them, but today you can read recommendations and tips on Park Ridge moving and its best neighborhoods.

How are you supposed to find the best neighborhoods in Park Ridge?

Park Ridge is a suburb in the northwest of Chicago, in Cook County. It is home to almost 40,000 residents, who enjoy the various benefits of this place. The residents of this suburb are here to stay, as 85% of the population is committed to buying a home here. But even within one suburb in Chicago, there are various neighborhoods, that moving companies in Park Ridge IL can take you to. The best neighborhoods can be found by:

  • Looking at the housing prices
  • Researching the schools in the area
  • Considering the crime rate
Picture of a happy family after Park Ridge moving
The majority of the population here owns their homes

Housing prices are important

Housing is a big monthly expense – it makes up for 30% of the budget. Whether you will rent or buy, the prices will be higher than the national average. Luckily, our packing services Chicago are affordable, which will help you save money in the long run. The median home value is $458,000 while rent is $1,500. It is a suburb of Chicago, but many people consider it a separate city. It might seem expensive, but considering its location, it has a fair price.

Research schools in the area

If you are moving with kids, choosing a place with good schools is crucial. Park Ridge has highly graded schools, both public and private, for kids of school age. Some of the best ones are Maine West High School, Jones College Prep High School, and Christian Heritage Academy.

Consider the crime rate

No matter if you are moving as a family or alone, safety is important. If you move to Park Ridge, you can rest assured that crime is no concern. Crime in this suburb is a very minor concern, with violent crime being close to non-existent. After you move here with Chicago area movers, you will feel safe no matter the time of day and location. Safety is also not a concern for families with kids, making Park Ridge a friendly suburb for families.

Picture of kids playing in leaves
During Park Ridge moving, consider the crime rate

Moving to Park Ridge can be a good choice

As you can see, the success of Park Ridge moving depends on the amount of time you put into research. You will be pressed for time during the preparation, but this will be worth every minute you invest in it. You and your family will move to a place that is worthwhile, and all you need to do is research your neighborhood on time. We wish you good luck!

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