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A new home comes with the new excitement of redecorating. If you’re planning on painting this season, consider these factors when deciding the color palette for every room in the house:

Dining Room:

Earthy tones tend to be the most popular choice for dining rooms because they are very versatile, but also convey a feeling of warmth. When considering the psychology of color, remember that reds and oranges tend to be stimulating and are thought to increase appetite, while blues tend to suppress appetite, making it a poor color choice for such an important room.


Cabinets are a good guide when deciding what color to paint your kitchen. Because they are one of the most expensive features in the room, it’s important to compliment them, not overpower them. Just like with the dining room, earth colors such as brown, peach and yellow are popular choices. Although greens and blues are generally not used for kitchen colors, accent shades could work very well.

Living Room:

When approaching your living room, consider the size and lighting when deciding on a color. Think about the mood you want to achieve: light colors will make a room appear larger, but dark colors can add a cozy feel. Warm colors can make the room inviting, and cool colors like gray can add a formal feel.


Just like with the living room, when painting your bathroom consider what effect you’re going for. Light, natural colors like light blue and sea foam green are always popular choices because they create a spa feeling.

If your bathroom is small, avoid dark colors as they will make the room seem smaller.


Avoid bright and jarring colors like red, bright yellow and orange in the bedroom because they are too stimulating. Choose relaxing shades of blues and greens, or go for a romantic pink and coral look. Remember—this is a room for rest and relaxation, so paint accordingly!

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