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Do you have little-to-no time to pack and prepare for relocation? Did your move happen all of the sudden and you were not expecting it at all? If yes, you must be wondering whether packing your entire household for a move in such a short time is possible? Luckily, today we will talk about how you can do this. Is moving in such a short period of time possible? Yes. Will it take a lot of your time and require your utmost attention? Also yes. Furthermore, to ensure you are able to relocate without major issues, we advise relying on services of a moving company, like moving companies Chicago, for example. Moving companies can provide you with services that can help you reduce the work you have to do and ensure proper safety for the items you are moving.

Packing your entire household for a move in 3 days

Packing quickly is not something we would advise most people to do when moving. However, not every situation is the same. Sometimes people will have months to prepare for their move, sometimes weeks, or even days. Although preparing for the move with a lot of time is incomparably easier, sometimes we do not have the right to choose. For that reason, we will help you prepare your household for the move as quickly as you can with the time you have left.

a couple resting after packing as you should after packing your entire household for a move
Preparing for a move in a couple of days will surely be exhausting, so make sure you catch some rest from time to time

Now, know that this means that finding the right storage unit is equally important as finding proper moving supplies for your relocation. Meaning that, just because you have little time, does not mean that you should not take care of the state of your items. These next steps will help you tackle the process easier.

First, contact a moving company

Your relocation process will require all the help you can gather during this course of a couple of days. This means that you should contact moving companies to help you pack and move. Whether you need services like packing supplies Chicago, or need manpower to help you handle items, hiring moving companies is the best way to go. More importantly, many moving companies have moving teams that specialize in quick relocations in small time windows. If you can contact such a moving company and acquire their services, you will do half of the job. As you communicate with the moving company, make sure you notify them of all the services you need for this relocation. Such services can include packing supplies, packing services, using proper moving equipment, needing more personnel, etc. Basically, communicate with the company about the services they can provide for you.

Create detailed plans on how you want to approach this

A good plan will lead you a long way. However, you might not be able to devote a lot of time to this plan. Therefore, you should come up with a plan that will generalize everything you need to do. Basically, you should make an effective plan of packing your entire household for a move that will not take too much time off your hands. Later, this plan will guide you through the process for the next couple of days. It should contain all the important part of the process you need to do like:

  • Proper packing materials and packing technique
  • Whether or not you should rent a storage unit
  • The time you will need to finish everything
  • Whether or not you will require helping hands
  • Which items can go with you and which ones can stay
a couple checking up their plan as they pack
Plan all the key parts of the process so you can have a guideline you can follow throughout

Now, these are just some of the important things you should incorporate into your plan. Furthermore, you should go one step at a time and finish each step of the plan accordingly.

Packing your entire household for a move should start with decluttering

You probably have items you no longer use or want. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of those items. Whether you want to throw them away, sell or donate them – it is totally up to you. However, as soon as you get rid of the items you do not want to take with you, you will be able to speed up the process. Most items you will not use will take both your time and energy during the process. More importantly, as moving companies charge by the weight and complexity of the items – you can save a couple of bucks. Decluttering will help you gain better insight into the work you have to do. Moreover, it will help you separate the items you want to move and, later, focus on them without distractions.

Devote time to packing

Now that you are done with downsizing your home, it is time to devote yourself to packing the items you will move. A good piece of advice is to use the room-by-room method for this part of the process. Namely, a room-by-room method allows you to focus solely on one room at a time. By doing so, you avoid cluttering your home and mixing up all the items.

a couple handling their boxes with items
Pack your items accordingly and leave them in the room they were in so you can have an easier time handling them later

Furthermore, it helps you tackle the process much easier as you already know what to expect from each room. As soon as you finish packing a room, place the moving containers in the corner of that room and move to the next one. Repeat this with each room and you will finish packing quicker than you thought.

Leave the menial tasks for the moving day

If you plan on packing your entire household for a move in a matter of a couple of days, you need to not be distracted by menial tasks. Whatever these tasks are if you have the time to finish them on a moving day, leave them. There are far more important things you should focus on during the course of those couple of days. Once you finish all the important parts of the move, you can focus on the menial and smaller tasks.

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